March 2, 2024

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Vikings “King Of Kings”

Season Six, Episode Eleven

Well, here we are.  Back with the final batch of episodes of the History Channel’s first scripted show, the melodramatic (at times), often silly, and yet somehow something I enjoy Vikings.

And then I remembered that the last time I saw an episode of Vikings, it looked like the last of the series original characters was killed off, leaving us with a bunch of bland replacements.

Well, I’ve come this far.

OK, good news:  Bjorn’s not dead!  In fact, Alexander Ludwig has top billing!  So…that’s one character that’s been on the show from the beginning even if it isn’t the same actor.  Just as well.  I didn’t recognize so many of the names in the opening credits as it is.  There was Ludwig and Ray Stevenson, and I had to look up who Stevenson was playing.

He’s playing some guy who worships a goat and has to do with whatever crazy plot Ubbe is involved with looking for a Golden Land, and that is all I will say about that.

Because really, I barely remembered so many of these characters and what they were doing when I sat down to watch this one.  It started to come back to me.  I recognized Bjorn and all his brothers, even the lame ones like personality-free Hvitserk.  Prince Oleg, the Russian asshole who thinks he can just stroll in and take over, yeah, I remember him.  King Harald is still alive?  OK.  So’s King Olaf?  Olaf, the nutty mystic?  Sure, I can go along with that.

In fact, it looks like Olaf is the source of the title of the episode when Oleg orders him burned to death, and that old nut seems to convert to Christianity on the spot when he hears some very Christian-sounding ideas coming in off the wind, dying while holding his hands in prayer and without uttering a sound as the fire burned.

Maybe they shouldn’t start fires like that on wooden docks.  Just a thought.

Anyhoo, the men were always more memorable than the women who weren’t Lagertha.  And she’s dead for sure.  There’s Bjorn’s two wives, Gunnhild and Ingrid.  Harald raped Ingrid.  Harald can go for a long walk on a short pier as far as I’m concerned, preferably the one the Rus set on fire to execute Olaf.

But what it comes down to is Bjorn isn’t dead.  He’s just dying.  Big difference.  And if Brunhild can dress him up and sit him on a horse long enough for Bjorn to order an attack, well, that may be all the Norwegians need to do.  And it works.  Ivar sees his dead brother alive, and even after getting multiple arrows in him, it still spooks the Rus and Ivar enough for Gunnhild to lead the vikings to victory.

OK, now the last of the original characters is dead.