September 25, 2022

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Ozark “Book Of Ruth”

Season One, Episode Six

It occurs to me there are basically two distinct character arcs going on in the Byrde family.  While the parents are trying to make enough money to keep themselves alive while not trying to anger any of the various other factors in the area, Charlotte and Jonah are, by differing degrees, trying to fit into their new home.

That differing degree comes out in different ways.  Jonah seems to be more or less becoming a local by, well, using a firearm and stuff.  He doesn’t go out much.  Charlotte does not want to be a local.  That means going to a party with the tourists, having a blast, losing her virginity (though not looking too pleased when that happens) and then waking up the next morning to find out the guy left town without saying anything.

She’s a local now.

She hates that.

For Marty and Wendy, well, first there’s the Snells.  They’re not happy with the whole “building a church” thing and explain exactly why, stating that if construction doesn’t stop, Marty and Wendy and family will very soon be dead.  That…doesn’t help.  Now, say what you will about Marty.  He’s a sniveling weasel.  He’s an asshole.  He’s a criminal.  But he also has a good survival instinct, so he and Wendy go to convince Rev. Mason to stop construction for now.

OK, that problem seems to be solved.

Just as Dell sends them a pair of human eyeballs in a jar.

Just as Ruth sets a death trap that doesn’t go off (Agent Petty did that, but no one knows that).

Just as Rachel figures out Marty has been cooking the books.

Just as Marty exerts some power the only way he can by basically, during sex with Wendy, doing it exactly the same way her lover did and letting her know how much he knew.

Did I mention Marty is an asshole?  Because he is.  Arguably, Wendy is the one person he can exert any authority over whatsoever right now, and he does so in the blandest way possible.

Well, at least he doesn’t have to worry about the Snells right now.

Except Rev. Mason didn’t really stop construction…

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