August 15, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Dad-Feeling Limited”

In which Comic Book Guy and his wife argue over having children.

Is this what we’ve come to?  This show has been on the air so long, we get the Secret Origin of Comic Book Guy?

Well, we may as well get going.

In case anyone forgot, Comic Book Guy is still married to his Japanese wife Kumiko, now voiced by an actual Japanese American actress, one Jenny Yokobori.  And those two are enjoying life above his comic book store where it’s just the two of them.

Homer and Marge, meanwhile, are miserable ushering their kids to different birthday parties in a single weekend, even failing to notice right away the boy they grabbed when the left one isn’t Bart.  After tricking Ned Flanders into babysitting (even the new boy), they head off to a trivia night at Moe’s where they end up joining Comic Book Guy and his wife, acing the trivia since Homer knows sports penalties, Marge knows vacuums, and the Albertsons know everything else.  After the two couples head out to a noodle joint for dinner, Marge shows more practicality when she pulls out some ponchos for the messy-eating of the two men, even offering to show Kumiko some tips on how to help keep a home when you have a rather…large man as you husband.

So far, so good.  Oh, but then Kumiko is asked to watch Maggie for a second, and Maggie is the enchanting Simpson, so now she wants a baby.

Comic Book Guy, well, doesn’t like kids.

Yes, yes, his profession does make that a weird thing to make note of.

However, this causes problems in the marriage.  Marge wants to help because she’s a good person.  Homer wants to help because he doesn’t see why a childless couple should enjoy their carefree lives when he can’t.

The plan, then, is to foist Bart and Lisa off on the unsuspecting pair during an event in the park, a night watching a Back to the Future knock-off that Comic Book Guy loves.  Then Marge and Homer go off to get frisky in a model mausoleum (don’t ask since there’s no better explanation possible than, well, that), and after confiscating Bart and Lisa’s phones, the kids are…enchanted by the movie, allowing Comic Book Guy to see the possibilities of sharing his childhood pop culture with the next generation.

That all ends when Bart and Lisa run to him for comfort when they think Homer and Marge might be zombies trying to get out of that mausoleum.  CBG just didn’t know what to do, so he ran home.  His original home.  The giant manor house where his father (voice of guest Dan Aykroyd) lives.  With some help, Marge and Homer find him there, and then the origin of Comic Book Guy kicks in.

It’s done in what looks like a Wes Anderson style (as much as anyone who isn’t Wes Anderson can copy Wes Anderson’s style), complete with Bob Balaban as an unseen narrator that Marge can still hear.  Apparently, Comic Book Guy grew up in this house full of old aunts and uncles that collected things but never had or even seemed to like children, and his father the stamp collector–known as Postage Stamp Fellow–never showed affection, so the boy developed a passion of his own…for baseball.

Then, because his father didn’t show up for his one big game, the lad pitched very poorly.  His teammates carried him off the field on their shoulders…right into a dumpster, soon followed by a truck full of unsold comic books, and a new collector was born.  Marge wants to know why Postage Stamp Fellow never showed, and it was because he was worried his son would lose and feel bad because he also didn’t know how to comfort distraught children.

Distraught is a good word people should use more often.

Regardless, Postage Stamp Fellow had something for his son: a baseball signed by Comic Book Guy’s favorite player, Sandy Koufax.  The two men have a very awkward game of catch since now they know how to show love, and CBG goes home to to see about having kids with his wife.

We’ll see if anything comes of that…maybe…

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