June 22, 2024

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Ozark “Ruling Days”

Season One, Episode Five.

You know, Marty Byrde may be something of a criminal jackass, and Wendy may not be too far behind, but it does seem like they can’t do much of anything right now without getting themselves into any more trouble.

That’s a good thing from a dramatic standpoint, good for the viewers, less so for the characters.

So, here’s the situation:  Bobby Dean is dead and floating near the Byrde’s docks, and while the sheriff is initially suspicious of the Byrdes, Marty keeps records.  So, Bobby is ruled a heroin overdose.

Since the Snells appear to be growing the stuff, that may not be too big a surprise to a lot of people.

So, here’s the thing:  Marty knows there’s something more going on, especially when Jacob Snell offers to use the strip club for his own money laundering, saying he had been doing so already.

Marty’s cool reply is that his own employers wouldn’t really like that.

So, the Snells know Marty works for…somebody.  Marty and Wendy know the Snells are probably dangerous.  For the Snells, that means sending a guy into the Byrdes’ house to take some pictures.  Jonah, whose got a rifle now and is learning to shoot, sees the guy but doesn’t act…yet.

Now, by contrast, Wendy and Marty want to avoid causing more problems with the Snells.  Smart move there.  But they still need to launder a lot of money.  Ruth seems to be doing a good job running the strip club, but that’s not enough.  There’s some real money in construction.  Is there someone the Byrdes can convince to build something that the IRS won’t look into?

What about a church?

There’s this local minister, Pastor Mason Young, who runs Sunday services on the local lake out of a series of boats.  He could use a church!  It doesn’t even take much convincing to get him to agree with Marty and Wendy “paying” for the new church.

So, that should be the end of that, right?

Um, except the Snells were using the boat services to distribute heroin inside of Bibles.

I get the impression avoiding the Snells is a lot harder than it looks.