February 27, 2024

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Gotham “What The Little Bird Told Him”

Season One, Episode Twelve.

I am having a hard time trying to determine if the Penguin is secretly brilliant on this show, or if everyone around him is just a colossal dumbass.

Right about now, it’s a coin toss.

See, Penguin’s plans seem to be working for Falcone while spying on Maroni from the inside and hoping to bring down Fish.  And somehow, he hasn’t really tripped up too much.  Fish finally enacts her plan to bring down Falcone by “kidnapping” the young woman she set inside Falcone’s house, and Cobblepot, when he finally gets to Falcone’s place, tells Falcone as much only to be severely reprimanded.  Falcone has more or less decided Fish really is behind things, but he honestly does seem to want to retire and go live out the rest of his days peacefully with the girl he doesn’t know was just a honeypot.

Oddly enough, Fish claims privately that this whole thing was done so Falcone could do just that as well.  He won’t step down, and otherwise, he’ll lose power and probably just get shot dead at some point no matter how overzealous that Victor Zsasz guy is at…enforcing Falcone’s will.

However, it all backfires when Falcone realizes Cobblepot is right, strangles the young woman to death, and has Fish and Butch “arrested” while Fish’s other men were killed off-screen.  Falcone says a little bird told him, and then in waddles Cobblepot to gloat.

So, wait, Cobblepot was openly with Falcone when he struck at Fish Mooney, and we are somehow expected to believe this will somehow not get back to an already suspicious Maroni?

Maybe, maybe not.  Jack Gruber was still out there.  A tip from Leslie Thompkins gets Gordon looking to bring Maroni into protective custody, dragging an unconscious Cobblepot along after a weird electrical attack already knocked the wily bird out.  Plus, thanks to Eddie Nygma finally pulling his weight, we know Jack Gruber is really one Jack Buchinski, he bribed his way into Arkham instead of regular prison because he was actually not insane, and he does manage to subdue an entire police station with a strong electrical shock that didn’t kill anyone, much to his own disappointment, leaving only Gordon awake because he alone took Nygma’s advice and put on his rubber GCPD-issue galoshes.  From there, it’s not much effort to knock out Buchinski’s big guy muscle and take out Buchinski’s electrical weapon by splashing some water on it from a cup on someone’s desk.

Wow, for a genius, Buchinski sure is bad at that sort of thing.  Maybe if he didn’t just go around murdering people whose sole crime was, um, keeping his equipment hidden and in good working order, then maybe he could have had some back-up.

So, Gordon is a cop again–how that works I do not pretend to understand–and he can share a smooch with Thompkins while Barbara does more stuff I couldn’t possibly care less about.