April 21, 2024

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Gotham “Rogues’ Gallery”

Season One, Episode Eleven

So, we’re really doing this?  Somehow making a cop Arkham security?  Well, if we’re gonna do it, let’s do it.

Oh, sweet, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Morena Baccarin are on the show now?  Well, one of them is…

Yes, sadly Whitlock doesn’t make it out of his first episode, and given how quickly the series killed off a middle aged African American actor who was on The Wire rather memorably, I might have mistaken it for a Netflix Marvel show if I didn’t know better.  Too bad he couldn’t share a scene with fellow Wire alum John Doman.

But Baccarin is playing Leslie Thompkins, so she’s probably not going anywhere for a while even if she’s just an occasional guest star.

However, this is somehow Arkham, and Arkham is where the plot might make the most sense.  Penguin’s intelligence dips again after showing some general brilliance.  Fish and her sidekick, Butch the Friendly Mobster, do some scheming that was probably there to give Butch some scenes.  And Selina finds a sick Ivy on the streets and takes her back to Gordon’s empty apartment to recover.

OK, for that last one, it sure did look like Selina scaled a skyscraper to a penthouse apartment to slip in through a balcony to let Ivy in the front door.  That was made infinitely sillier when Barbara, kicked out by Montoya, called home to talk to Jim and apparently can’t tell the difference between a small child pretending to be a seductive adult woman and an actual seductive adult woman when Ivy answers the phone and plays woman of the house.  I’m starting to think Barbara isn’t very bright.  Or sane.

So, somehow the plot that mostly makes sense is the Arkham plot.  Someone is administering electro-shock treatment using homemade instruments to some of the staff, and Whitlock’s Dr. Lang wants Gordon to get to the bottom of it even if he’s a guard and not a cop, and he won’t let Gordon call the cops.

When a second shocked patient turns up, and Dr. Thompkins notes this is getting to be a bit much, Gordon calls the cops anyway and Bullock shows up to help mostly by taking Lang down to the station to sweat things out a bit.  It turns out the older, helpful nurse isn’t a nurse but another inmate who thinks she’s a nurse.  So…why does she have the uniform?

You know what?  I don’t think I wanna know that badly.

Point is, she lets all the inmates out, and Gordon and Thompkins barely get away, but before Gordon, Bullock, and Captain Essen can get too cozy with that…it comes out the nurse was another victim too, and real culprit, classy smart guy inmate Jack Gruber, has already murdered Lang and escaped.

You know, I am starting to think Gordon isn’t as good a cop as the show wants us to think.  That’s probably the reason he needs to keep calling Batman when he gets older…