November 27, 2022

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Twelve: Day Of The Colossus”

Team Avatar takes on a giant mech with a spirit weapon! Nuff said!

OK, I think it’s safe to say if your fiancee shoots a giant ray gun of some kind at you, no matter what happens, the engagement is off.

Fortunately, Kuvira’s weapon didn’t kill anybody as Bolin managed to shield everybody with some handy earthbending.  True, some people were hurt, but no one appears to be dead.  Junior is out for now, but he wakes up feeling better and chastised.

If anything, this was mostly an action-packed episode as most of the cast did everything they could think of to stop Kuvira’s mech.

Well, everyone except Prince Wu.  He apparently can sing in a voice only the badger-moles of the Republic City Zoo can love.  That means he can charm them to both dig the last of the evacuees to safety but also take out a few mechs that find them.

As for the rest of the show, the mech seems to be too well-defended.  Meelo comes up with an idea to drop paint-filled balloons on its windows.  But it has a cleaning system.

Lavabending around its one foot while wrapping the legs in a spool of wire and hitting it with a tornado doesn’t topple it.

Varrick tries an EMP.  That takes out the smaller mechs but not the big one.

Bolin, Lin, and Suyin drop a skyscraper on the mech.  It doesn’t topple.

Korra hits it with all kinds of wind attacks, and the airbenders do manage to push the canon down at one point, but not much else works.

Junior gives up the thing’s weaknesses.  But they need to get inside.

Lin even busts Asami’s dad out of prison to work on installing the last two hummingbird mechs with plasma torches that can cut through the refined platinum exterior and let a strike team inside.

That actually works, but Hiroshi is crushed cutting the hole in a heroic sacrifice.

So, it all comes down to Korra, Mako, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin to get inside the mech and shut it down from the inside.

Since the next episode is the last one, I think they stand a good chance there.

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