June 2, 2023

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Eleven: Kuvira’s Gambit”

Korra makes a desperate move to stop Kuvira's invasion of Republic City.

OK, so, it turns out Prince Wu isn’t entirely useless.  He actually had an idea to evacuate Republic City in the previous episode, and in this one, after a mandatory evacuation is ordered, he manages to calm everyone with some reassuring words after Mako’s more technical ones sent everybody into a panic.

In other news, Mako apparently can’t talk to anyone without causing problems.

Zhu-Li had news, as we saw, that Kuvira planned to invade Republic City with her giant spirit vine cannon in two weeks.  Asami and Varrick have some flying mech suits they’re building as fast as they can.  Korra and some others see about ripping up the railroad tracks leading into the city.  General Iroh will get his one line for the season as he preps the United Republic’s military forces since, if the cannon can be disabled, the two armies are probably evenly matched.  Tenzin’s airbenders are seeing to getting people out of the city as safely as possible and keeping an eye out for Kuvira’s forces.  Zhu-Li can apologize to Varrick and then blow her top when he goes back to ordering her around because she wants to be treated as an equal, a move even the generally clueless Bolin sees was really dumb on Varrick’s part.  What can possibly go wrong?

Um, two things.

One, Kuvira shows up a week early because she isn’t dumb enough to stick to a plan a traitor overheard.

And two, she isn’t coming by rail.  She has a giant mech suit.

These cartoons have a very anime-style look to them.  It’s amazing it took this long to break out the giant mech suit.

Oh, and she sinks the entire Republic Navy as a warning shot.  Granted, it was all of two ships, but that’s enough.  Raiko surrenders.  Junior will be the one to send the demands.

Well, this is a bummer, and Kuvira still seems to want Korra dead, so what now?

Simple:  Varrick realizes Junior was smarter at building than he figured, so he must be the one person who knows how to stop the giant mech.  Korra kidnaps him with Tenzin and Bumi from his airship.

But this guy is a dink.  He won’t help no matter how much his mother asks him what happened or how much physical torture Korra promises.

He will change his mind when Korra realizes the real threat would be to separate him from Kuvira.  If Korra is gonna go on the run from Kuvira, all she has to do is keep Junior with her.  That softens him up enough to ask Kuvira by radio to maybe let the United Republic be since, you know, they already have a big empire and they can still get married and have lots of kids together because that’s all that matters and Kuvira sounds amenable and you should know with a sentence this long that didn’t work, right?

Yeah, Kuvira gets a trace on Junior’s location and opens fire with her big cannon.  That takes out the factory with most of the mechs, and that was where Korra and most of her allies were, the one real exception being Lin who was with Raiko.

So, Kuvira is awful and Junior is a dink, and now they don’t even have each other.  Serves ’em right.

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