December 8, 2022

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Helstrom “The One Who Got Away”

Season One, Episode Three

Huh.  That…angular actress who plays Ana is apparently Jack Lemon’s granddaughter.

That is all I have to say about that.

Daimon Helstrom and Ana Helstrom do not get along.  Daimon is, from the looks of things, the “good” sibling who cares for their mama and actually tries to do right.  Ana is cold, ruthless, and angular.

Seriously, she is one thin-looking woman.  I think I’d cut myself if I touched her.

However, when she isn’t having bad dreams involving throwing up what looks like coffee grounds –this show has a very dark color pallet on top of everything else–she’s trying to avoid family reunions even though the Helstrom matriarch is more or less lucid right now and Daimon needs her there since Ana may have been responsible for that.

She isn’t.  Mother returns and has some news that Ana sorta knew about that the Helstrom patriarch may have also returned.

Oh, and he’s a dead satanic serial killer.

That’s quite a trick…

However, Gabriella has some information that there is one survivor of the old man’s rampage.  Mother said something about unfinished business…

So, that means Daimon, Ana, and Gabriella go off to meet the woman.  There’s some stuff there because Ana knows more than she lets on.  She knows the woman is lying because her father left no witnesses.  Oh, and she was there at the time and watched the woman burn.

Now, there’s a split up, and a debate over whether or not Old Man Helstrom wants this woman or Ana.  Ana goes off alone to prove she’s right.  Daimon and Gabriella return to the house and find the real survivor, a woman with some burn scars, in the basement.  Ana barely survives an encounter with her father who, in his new demonic form, instead eats the fake survivor, the real survivor’s possibly well-meaning sister.

So, all that happened.  Is this show going anywhere?  I think it might be, but I can’t say for certain just yet.  I will add, however, that Caretaker goes to the sanitarium and meets with Louise Hastings, Daimon’s friend who runs the asylum.  There’s an encounter with Mother, a corrupted patient, and a few other things, but the bottom line is Hastings and Caretaker, once upon a time, basically agreed to split the Helstrom siblings up because apparently, a full family reunion would be very bad for everybody, and they kept those two apart for a reason.

What reason is that?  Beats the hell out of me, but I am a bit unsure how much this show is working so far.  It isn’t all that scary in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t hate it or anything.


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