March 26, 2023

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The Boys “The Bloody Doors Off”

Season Two, Episode Six.

Annie…and Butcher…on a mission together.

That can’t go well.  Though it’s more than I want to say about anything involving the Deep, Maeve, or A-Train this time around.  And Maeve’s plot was interesting.

See, Annie found evidence that Stormfront has some connection to a mental hospital, Sage Grove, and she takes that to Hughie and Frenchie.  They remove her tracking chip and then take her back to the others.  M.M.?  Glad to see her.  Kimiko?  Gives Annie a hug (and Frenchie the finger).  Butcher?

He’s…too nice when he first addresses her.  And he even insists on taking Annie along to Sage Grove.

Mostly because it would provide a bigger distraction to the higher ups if they get caught.

Yeah, this will not go well.

Then again, these missions never do, so let’s see how.

Sage Grove seems peaceful enough.  M.M., Kimiko, and Frenchie put on some scrubs and break in.    Annie uses her power to blow a hole in the fence, Butcher monitors through a sniper rifle and considers putting one through Annie.  Hughie waits in the van.  Butcher and Annie do a lot of sniping at each other.

There are some problems.  One is Stormfront showing up.  M.M. and his group hide until she leaves, but they see one guy in there who controls fire.  Frenchie knows this guy.  OK, so does M.M., but Frenchie really does.

It’s the missing member of the Seven, Lamplighter.  He controls fire, and in flashbacks, the old Boys made him an informant until something went wrong and he somehow killed Mallory’s grandkids.  Frenchie is partially responsible for that.  That mostly means Frenchie really wants a piece of that guy, and the result is all the inmates getting lose.

And they all have superpowers.  Lamplighter and the Boys hide in a pharmacy as the new supes go nuts in the building.  Apparently, these guys are part of some experiment to make Compound V stable enough to give to adults and make more heroes.

And it looks like the guy with the prehensile penis almost got M.M.

They included the Love Sausage?  Huh.

As it is, there is one woman who can crush things, and the only way past her is first for Stormfront to show up and electrocute her and then for Lamplighter to lie about who was responsible for all that so the Boys can escape.

It’s a bit worse for Annie and Butcher when one escaped supe accidentally seriously injured Hughie, and attempting to commandeer a car got a man killed (a man with a small kid at home from the looks of things), and those two keep sniping until they get to the hospital to make sure Hughie will be OK (he will).  And then the two bond over how they both love how pathetic Hughie is…and he’s better off with either of them in his life.

Well, looks like a remorseful Lamplighter might be able to help the Boys again…if Mallory doesn’t kill him first.

Oh, and he’s played by Shawn Ashmore, the one time Iceman.  So, he went from cold to hot.  Not bad.

Oh, and Strormfront is the first person to get V, a former Nazi who sees Homelander as the man to lead a superhuman army to take over the world.  Homelander finds that to be something of a turn-on.

That’s probably going to be a problem.

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