December 7, 2023

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Nine: Beyond The Wilds”

Korra gets some surprising help to get past the last of her trauma.

OK, so, the clip show episode is out of the way.  Can we please move on to the fireworks factory?

OK, not just yet from the looks of things, but we are a bit closer since the spirit vines are acting weird and Bolin and Varrick get back to Republic City.

By the by, we have our first appearance of the current Fire Lord, Zuko’s daughter.  She declines to join the United Republic in an attack on Kuvira’s forces because the Fire Nation has been involved in too many controversial wars in the recent past.  She’ll be more than happy to offer help in defense of Republic City, but that’s it.  That’s politically wise and sensible.

Yeah, somehow it seems of the original series’ characters, Zuko raised the most well-adjusted children.  I’m sure there’s more to her than that, but that’s my observation and I am sticking to it.

However, spirit vines grabbed a tour group and later Jinora, and when Korra and Mako go in, they barely escape more vines until they get to a chamber where everyone’s spirit is being held prisoner, and busting the pods would be Bad.  Korra uses her new spirit powers to see Kuvira is extracting more vines, and that can’t be good.

President Raiko doesn’t quite know what to believe, but then Bolin and Varrick break in with news.  That’s some security they have there, but the two have information and are not arrested.  Raiko has Varrick and Asami work on some kind of weapon while Bolin tries to make up with Opal.

He fails.  Badly.  Oh, she seems to believe him when he says he didn’t know what was going on a the time he took Kuvira’s side, but a romantic picnic and Pabu’s presence isn’t going to fix all that.  Plus, Raiko is not sending a rescue party to get the rest of the Beifong’s out of prison.

Fortunately for Bolin, some people are glad to see him because Korra and Mako aren’t mad.

Unfortunately for Korra, she feels like everyone is shutting her out.  If only she could confront someone and get past her hang-ups and move on?

Wait, Zaheer is still alive and locked up.

He’ll do.

Surprisingly, he does.  He was against earthly authority figures and Kuvira is the opposite of that.  Who would have thought toppling a massive country’s government could have led to a brutal dictatorship besides anybody who studied political science and history in school?  Zaheer knows a thing or two about meditation and the spirit world, and Korra has a real breakthrough.  She’s back in touch with Raava, the spirit vines let the captives go, and she’s probably back to what she was now for sure.

And there’s hope for Bolin getting back with Opal.  All he has to do is go with her and Lin on an off-the-books rescue mission.

Of course he will.