November 27, 2022

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Eight: Remembrances”

It's a clip show!

So…this episode.

Apparently, for reasons I do not know, Nickelodeon decided to only order 12 episodes for the final season of The Legend of Korra as opposed to the usual 13.

OK, that’s not quite right since season one was 12 and season 2 was 14, but they average out.  Most TV these days does about 12-13 episodes if it isn’t something on a traditional TV network as it is.

Anyway, in order to keep the people making the show employed for an extra episode (yay!), the producers of Legend of Korra opted to make a money saving clip show (ugh).  Clip shows are basically just a way to save money since the series doesn’t need to film too much new stuff.

Basically, that just means we get three characters telling stories to others who may or may not have been there.  It’s not a terrible idea to remind people what came before if this show was spread out and viewed over multiple years, but for someone like me who basically just saw all this stuff maybe only a few weeks ago, it’s a  little less special.  And the writers did do their best to use the flashbacks and stories to advance character.

So, we have Mako telling Prince Wu and his extended family about his love life as the peanut gallery just tells him what a terrible boyfriend he is (no arguments there).

Korra, feeling defeated, goes on to say how she never makes anything better while Asami tells her that she did.

And Varrick, in the best segment, rewrites everything that happened until it looks like Bolin was the real hero of the series, much to Bolin’s chagrin.

And…that’s it.  Money was saved, one more episode was made, mission accomplished, and I am moving on.

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