May 27, 2024

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Seven: Reunion”

Korra returns to Republic City while Bolin and Varrick try to escape the Earth Empire.

Well, while I was of the general opinion that Last Airbender was generally a better show than Korra, I didn’t in any way think Korra was bad.  Just…not as good.

But then Korra opted to really try my patience with annoying characters, and this episode features two of ’em in the forms of both Varrick and Prince Wu.

That said, I want to talk about something I’d been more or less hinting I knew about all along to see if I could spot the foreshadowing:  who Korra ends up with romantically at the end of the series.  I’m not living in a bubble somewhere and have been aware since this series ended, even though I knew nothing about the characters, that Korra and Asami would end up as a couple because it made some headlines for LGBTQ representation in children’s entertainment, and that’s a good thing.

However, up until this one episode, the show has at best rather tiptoed around the idea.  Both women dated Mako for a period, but Asami was the one to specifically offer any help possible to Korra after the end of the battle with the Red Lotus.  We get little hints maybe here and there, but this episode drops a few more direct ones.

First, general compliments on their respective appearances when Korra returns to Republic City, most notably Korra’s now much-shorter hair.

Second, the fact that Korra was actually in touch with exactly one person while she was MIA, and that was Asami.

And third, the two get into an argument because Asami has been visiting her dad in prison, a fight that Mako, the one witness, notes is exactly like how he and Korra used to argue when they were dating.  Oh, she argues with Mako a bit too, but that’s something we’ve seen before.  I’m not sure we’ve seen, well, anyone really argue with Asami before.

So, yeah, I know it’s coming, and the series is leaving some hints.

Good for them.

Oh, and Korra, Asami, and Mako’s needing to rescue obnoxious tagalong Prince Wu from Kuvira’s agents attempting to kidnap them was also cool.  Korra’s new spirit-based tracking ability is a nice new touch.  Leaving Wu with Mako’s royalty-loving grandma at Asami’s house is another one.

As for Bolin and Varrick, they get captured by some escapees where it comes out Kuvira’s camps aren’t just about the need for “reeducation” but also for anyone who isn’t an earthbender.  That’s a bit…Nazi-ish.

Bolin’s lavabending comes in handy in winning the wary escapees over (because, you know, if Bolin really was out to get them, he could have just cooked them and didn’t), but the fact both Bolin and Varrick are themselves wanted fugitives means a fight at a checkpoint.  Varrick stops the mechs with a homemade gizmo, and Bolin stops to make sure the fugitives also escape, allowing everyone to share a boat ride to freedom.

Then again, I think Varrick’s goofy smiling habit is what almost got them caught in the first place.

Now if only Kuvira wasn’t mining the big tree in Toph’s swamp for more spirit vines…