June 16, 2024

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Helstrom “Viaticum”

Season One, Episode Two.

You know, as I was watching this second episode of Helstrom, I was struck by the how, for lack of a better word, angular the actress playing Ana Helstrom is.  She’s very thin, tall, bends over to examine things in odd ways, and that haircut looks like something you could set your watch to.

It somewhat helps the show in a way.  Especially when bad news makes plants wilt in her presence.

Well, that’s something.  But if the pilot ended with, among other things, Daimon and Ana meeting up to discuss their possessed and institutionalized mother, maybe they can have a heart-to-heart talk and yeah, they can’t because they argue.  A lot.  Ana wants their mother dead.  Daimon wants the demon kicked out, but he can’t do it on his own and maybe Ana can help.  She won’t.  She wants to talk to their mom but needs his permission.  He accepts, and then she’s off after he offers her the use of his guest room and stiffing him for a diner bill with a large, uneaten meal sitting across the table from him.

Such a pleasant woman.

Then again, there’s a good reason for that from the looks of things.  Daimon and Gabriella go off to deal with the trucker from the previous episode who, it turns out, is currently possessed by a MAJOR DEMON in all caps because that’s the only way to show it, really.  Ana scoffs at such things and goes to talk to Mother.  Not her mom.  Mother the Demon Inside of her Mom.  And whatever psychic powers Ana has are rather…unimpressive to the demon.  Ana figures the thing knows some secrets.  She’s not wrong.  She just can’t force the answers.

Then again, she was foolish enough to leave that demon skull lying around her auction house, enough for her partner Chris to become…influenced by the thing.

Ana doesn’t seem to be very responsible with such things.  No wonder Caretaker checks in on her from time to time, and then he has to tell his people (whoever they are) that, well, Ana might be scarier if they didn’t keep track of her.

That said, Ana is the one doing what other powers may want from the sounds of things.  That MAJOR DEMON says something about how Ana, and not Daimon, is exercising her true nature or something.  Gee, says I knowing which Marvel characters Daimon and Ana are, I wonder what their true nature is and why Ana, nasty and tough-talking as she is, is the one acting according to her true nature?

Then again, both siblings seemed to get some notice about the demon running loose from the pilot.  It might be about to do something unexpected and bad for everybody.  That’s so demon…

I’m not really sure what to make of this show yet, but it sure is…dark.  Someone should turn on a lamp once in a while.