July 16, 2024

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Five: Enemy At The Gates”

Korra and Kuvira both advance on Zaofu, hoping for a peaceful resolution. Both of them have very different ideas on what that means.

Korra is a changed woman from the young lady who led all problems with a punch to someone’s jaw, and that’s a good thing.

Also, Zhu-Li, Varrick’s assistant, actually has a personality.  Personality goes a long way.

See, there’s a problem brewing.  Kuvira’s efforts to reunite the Earth Kingdom into her new Earth Empire only have one major obstacle to go:  Zaofu, the city of her birth.  Suyin Beifong is ostensibly in charge there, and Kuvira is hoping to end everything without a fight. She still brought her entire army, but she’s not looking for a fight.  She’s hoping Suyin will see “reason”.


Korra, for her part, knows Kuvira is headed for Zaofu and is likewise hoping to end things peacefully since she knows Kuvira once saved Tonraq’s life, so the young woman can’t be all bad.  Korra is hoping someone will see some reason.

Meelo, he wants someone to throw a punch.

By the by, we do learn how Kuvira got started on all this when Korra just asks Suyin.  Apparently, various world leaders asked Suyin to unite the Earth Kingdom, but Suyin didn’t feel comfortable pushing her way of life on others.  Her young officer, and basically adopted daughter, Kuvira volunteered, and that seemed harmless enough.

Until Kuvira took most of the Zaofu military and Varrick with her to do things a bit more aggressively than a pacifist like Suyin would ever feel comfortable with.

And if you were wondering what Bolin has to do with all this, Kuvira thought he could talk Zaofu into surrendering, something Bolin sees no harm in because until then, he had no idea Kuvira was setting up, ahem, re-education camps.

Bolin learns that at the negotiation, and Kuvira does not deny it later.

Varrick, meanwhile, learns spirit vines can be very dangerous, and the conscience he didn’t know he had says to stop.  Kuvira has other ideas.

Basically, Varrick and Bolin want out now, and almost escape with a strong assist from Zhu-Li, a woman who really knows her way around a mech suit.  Between her and Bolin’s lavabending, they even almost get away.  But Varrick sucks, and he gets captured.

Bolin and Zhu-Li?  They get sentenced to a camp.  Varrick needs to keep working on the spirit vines.

Until Zhu-Li steps forward and calls Varrick an ungrateful moron, asking if she can stay and serve Kuvira.

See?  Zhu-Li has a personality.  Personality goes a long way.

Korra’s plans don’t go much further.  She does have a chat with Kuvira, and Kuvira repeats the part about a peaceful surrender.  Korra agrees to relay the message to Suyin.  So, Meelo still isn’t getting a fight of any kind.

That’s probably for the next episode since Korra gets back to Zaofu to find Suyin already snuck off with a small strike force to take out Kuvira…personally.

So, Korra’s new way of looking at things, it needs a little more help, but it’s honest character growth and I can get behind that.

Plus, you know, exporting a peaceful way of life at the end of a bayonet was basically what started the Fire Nation’s invasion over a one hundred year war, so hopefully Korra is better at stopping things like this than Aang or Roku were.