June 11, 2024

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The Boys “We Gotta Go Now”

Season Two, Episode Five.

I’m writing this up as I am finishing up the original comic series that inspired The Boys.  So far, the TV series has been a somewhat loose adaptation.  But then we get to an episode like this and we get some nice mentions to things from the comics, like Butcher’s dog Terror, his late brother Lenny, and, um, Kimiko’s signature move.

Yeah.  That move.

What we see here is a twofold structure that shows Homelander trying to get what he wants while Butcher may be giving up after failing to get anything he wants.  For Homelander, that means trying to do damage control while making a movie about the origin of the Seven after footage shows up showing him heat vision a terrorist…and killing a bystander in the process.

And can I say…it’s just kinda wild that the Seven are making a movie where they’re playing fictional versions of themselves.  Like, they have time to make a movie while allegedly doing superhero stuff?

Then again, I haven’t seen much evidence the Seven ever do much of any superhero stuff, and that’s kind of the point.

Then again again, Homelander is a major asshole, making things uncomfortable for Maeve by pushing her sexual orientation to the forefront when Maeve wanted to keep all that private, pushing A-Train off the team, and trying to push around a crowd of protesters.  The only one who seems immune to Homelander’s jerk-assedness is Stormfront, and she’s too busy getting into stand-offs with Starlight over who released the V to the media and who is a long lost racist hero.

Then Stormfront uses some memes to improve Homelander’s public image and the two have sex.  Really, really, violent sex.

Oh, and Maeve wants Homelander taken down so badly, she’s willing to work with the Deep to get it.

Because really, screw that guy.

As for Butcher, he went off to see his Auntie (an elderly drug dealer) who’s been watching his dog Terror.  Hughie gets suspicious when Butcher is actually nice to him on the phone.  That, in turn, makes M.M. suspicious, and that, in turn, leads both men to go to Butcher’s Auntie’s house to make sure Butcher doesn’t retire.

And somehow, Butcher is less nice to Hughie in person.

Granted, Hughie wasn’t exactly right about why Becca didn’t go with Butcher, but there are bigger problems:  Black Noir found Butcher.

And that leads to a fight.

One that Butcher wins when Black Noir takes down Hughie and M.M. by…pointing out he has photos of Homelander’s son that proves Homelander is awful, and if anything happens to the Boys, the photos go live.

Apparently, Black Noir is really Vought’s personal hitman, and Gus Fring agrees to these terms.  Looks like Black Noir is not a problem for Butcher and the others.

For now.

Point is, Butcher changes his mind and opts to go back because, well, there wouldn’t be much of a show if he didn’t.  He and Hughie have maybe made up.  Vought won’t be going directly after Billy Butcher anytime soon over photos that may not even exist.

And meanwhile, superheroes make movies about themselves.

This world can be a bit nutty.