February 26, 2024

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Three: The Coronation”

Prince Wu's coronation doesn't exactly do as planned...

OK, I have to admit, I was rather curious about how Toph turned out after the first season.  We’ve seen enough of Aang in flashbacks and in spirit form while Katara and Zuko have both appeared on the show.  We’ve seen Aang got a lot more serene and mature as he grew older with the occasional silly stuff judging by that photo he posed for for the seafood seller.  Katara became the wise healer, Zuko calmed down, but then there was Toph.  Toph was, as a character, the most resistant to change of the core cast.  She was always the sarcastic, rebellious tomboy.  Seeing her a couple times as the chief of Republic City police just led to a few more questions since it was always implied she was out there somewhere doing…something.

OK, we know less about Sokka’s fate than anybody, but nobody sees fit to talk about him.  So, unless I opt to invest in those in-canon graphic novels and maybe find out, I’m just gonna believe he became a councilman as seen in his own flashback appearance and possibly settled down with Suki at some point.

Not everyone has to keep having grand adventures for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, how did Toph turn out?

She hasn’t changed a bit.  She’s still crude, rough, and sarcastic.  She’s just a lot older now.  She rather reluctantly agrees to help Korra get back in shape.

And then she enjoys it way too much because she is rather easily slapping Korra all over the swamp.

That’s so Toph.

Granted, Korra apparently still has poison in her system.  She didn’t know that.  Suyin didn’t get it all out.  Toph can if Korra can sit still long enough, but Korra has some major PTSD going on, so that ain’t happening.  You know, I like Toph, but she doesn’t strike me as the best person to help out someone who went through a lot of trauma.  There’s a reason that old lady lives alone in a swamp.

Well, as long as things are quiet in the outside world, then what’s the problem?  I mean, sure, Prince Wu is a major dink, but at least his coronation is happening and he can…wait, he’d be a terrible ruler.  He doesn’t even care.  Sure, he says he’ll have advisors for all that, but…

Oh, never mind.  Kuvira decided not to turn all the territory over to him because kings are an antiquated system that leads to rotten, spoiled rulers, so she’s going to now run the Earth Empire and you better stay out of her way.

You know, she’s not wrong about monarchy, but setting up a military-style dictatorship, even if she has done some good, is where I draw the line.  It even divides Mako and Bolin because, well, Bolin still doesn’t see a problem with that even as Varrick is going to do…something with a spirit vine.

Time for Tenzin to send his best people out to find Korra.

Too bad that’s his kids Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo.

Oh, the kids are fine even if they are kids and kids get stuff done in this universe, but you’d have to hope Tenzin would have some highly competent adults at his disposal by now…