December 7, 2023

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter Two: Korra Alone”

Korra goes it alone when her fears and frustrations overwhelm her.

You know, I was rather impressed this series managed to get Eva Marie Saint to voice Old Katara.  That’s quite a catch given Ms. Saint isn’t necessarily known for her voice work.  And then, well…Old Katara doesn’t appear on the show that often.  She has a good showcase in this episode, arguably her first, but I suppose the actress was perhaps a little too expensive to get all that often or something.

That or they really didn’t want to lean too much on the crutch of characters from the original series saving the day all that often.

After a full episode showing Korra was, well, traveling in cognito or something, we now have a whole episode to show what Korra has been up to for the past three years and where she went.

So, not long after the defeat and capture of Zaheer, Korra went to the South Pole to recuperate at her parents’…rather large mansion since her father is now the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.  Dang.  Anyway, Korra can’t even walk anymore, confined as she is to a wheelchair, but the best rehab specialist in the entire Tribe is nearby, and so Korra goes to Katara where she soon learns to wiggle her big toe.

Is Korra gonna hafta Kill Bill now?

Never mind.

Toes apparently are easy.  Walking, especially when you’re suffering from PTSD, is something else.  Six months after the attack and she still can’t.  Katara is nothing but patient, but Korra, well, patience was never her strong suit.

More time passes.  Tenzin comes to visit, and Korra tries to prove she’s doing well with a sparring match like she did in the pilot episode…and she loses.

Again, patience isn’t her strong suit.

So, she does the only reasonable thing:  she leaves Naga with her parents and takes a boat to go back to Republic City.  She meets an Avatar fan who has a photo of Aang being silly…as an adult.  Maybe Aang didn’t change much after all.  But Korra can’t even stop some common thieves.

A trip to the spirit world doesn’t get her much either.

And then the hallucinations of herself in the Avatar form start.  She hasn’t been able to get to that state again since Zaheer,   That takes her to the octagon from the previous episode, and finally she meets a puppy that can also see the Avatar hallucinations, so maybe they aren’t just in her head.  The dog leads her to a swamp and turns out to be a spirit that knew Korra wouldn’t have followed her otherwise.

Oh, and then the Avatar State vision attacks Korra again, dragging her into a pool of some kind.

Korra wakes up in a cave.  She’s got someone there looking out for her, someone I have honestly been wondering about the most since the new series started.

We may not be getting much of Old Katara, but Old Lady Toph, well…that might be another story.