April 18, 2024

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Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels “Children Of The Royal Sun”

Season One, Episode Five.

We’re halfway through the first and only season of this show, and I am not sure if it’s even going anywhere.  That is not a good thing.

See, I am well aware that this show only got a single season.  I am likewise well aware it will probably not conclude all the plotlines the show brings up.  I am largely fine with that.  However, while the original show did do side plots, there was always a main throughline for the main characters to follow.  Plus, side plots were often…less interesting.

So, what is the main plot for City of Angels?  We know Magda is trying to prove humanity is evil and rotten and…then what?  She’s split into three or four different people (depending on how you count that mother-son version), and she seems capable of appearing in multiple places at the same time, but how exactly is she getting what she wants?

For this episode, we see one persona seduce Mateo and since that persona is Fly Rico’s girlfriend, you’d think Rico would be mad when he catches them in bed together, but instead he joins them.  Likewise, the mother persona seduces a man she knows will beat her, but that was more so she’s have a body for her “husband” that she could get Dr. Craft to help her dispose of.  And we see the elderly secretary is still working with the Nazis to build a highway while her closeted councilman boss has a date at home.

And, of course, Molly’s mother Adelaide seems to be plotting against her daughter or something.

How does all this go anywhere?

That isn’t to say there was nothing in this episode I enjoyed.  I do like how Tiago and Michener get along.  Tiago knows he needs to find the guy who killed the mustachioed cop, and the home audience knows it was Mateo and that the cop had raped Mateo and Tiago’s sister Josefina.  Mateo knows about the assault.  Tiago does not.  A description for the killer does sound like Mateo.

That means taking a trip to the Vega house to chat with Raul–the brother Tiago shot to prevent him from shooting Michener–to see if he can help them find Mateo or the gang he runs with.  I am still not sure how much Raul remembers about the night he was shot, but it does lead to a nice scene between Michener and Mama Maria over what a good job she did raising Tiago and a trip to her shrine, a place Michener does respect as holy to her if not to him.

As it is, the two cops do find Mateo.  Tiago does corner Mateo at gun point.  Mateo does admit to killing the cop that Tiago didn’t like anyway, and he knows there’s a good chance for a race riot at this point, and that’s not even getting into the fact there are Nazis running around.

So…Tiago lets Mateo go?

This might have made more sense if Tiago was aware of what happened to Josefina.  He isn’t.  Mateo didn’t mention that part.  I get that Tiago is protecting his brother, but he doesn’t know his brother’s motive.  Something like that would have been helpful.

But then again, halfway through the first season, I still don’t know where they are going with all this.