March 3, 2024

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The Legend Of Korra Book Four “Chapter One: After All These Years”

Three years after Zaheer's defeat, Korra is missing.

I noted that the ending of the third book had Korra playing a relatively minor role in saving the day.

So, naturally, the story picks up three years later and no one knows where she is.

Yeah, three whole years.  Lots of things have changed.  There are Air Nomads helping out all over the place.  Republic City has made some sense of peace with the spirits that live in one large section.  And there’s an heir to the Earth Kingdom throne, a man named Prince Wu who challenges Varrick for obnoxious immaturity.

Poor Mako is stuck as the Prince’s bodyguard, so much so that he was even transferred to Ba Sing Se, something he definitely does not want to do.

As for Bolin, he’s part of some kind of expedition that includes Varrick (ugh), Zhu Li, and Kuvira.  Kuvira, seen briefly in the previous book and voiced by Zelda “daughter of Robin” Williams, is called the “Great Uniter”.  She’s a powerful metalbender who is going around uniting the Earth Kingdom…in a rather harsh way that often leaves her in charge of places.  She had a falling out with Suyin, is engaged to Su’s one son, and Su’s daughter Opal (the airbender) sure isn’t glad to see her.

That’s causing problems for her relationship with Bolin.

Now, Kai and Opal do have a plan to get food to a starving section of the Kingdom after the governor there did initially reject Kuvira’s offer to “help”.  But the food is taken from the back of Kai and Opal’s air bison by some bandits with a biplane, changing the governor’s mind…and that biplane sure was awfully convenient.

However, no one has seen Korra for six months.  She was supposedly healing in the South Pole, but when her father and Naga arrive on a boat, he says he thought she was in Republic City.

Um, where’s the Avatar?

Losing earthbending fights in an underground MMA-style competition?  And traveling in cognito?

Oh, she is in a bad place…