November 27, 2022

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YouTube Selection: Eyebrow Cinema Has A Favorite Cinematic Universe

There have been cinematic universes beyond the MCU. YouTube channel Eyebrow Cinema talks about one them that came out before RDJ put on a suit armor.

Everyone these days is trying to put together a cinematic universe.  Sure, the MCU is a big hit, but many others have crashed and burned or are rather low key enough not to attract too much notice.

However, there are some others that have gotten a lot less attention, and a couple even predate the MCU.  The YouTube channel Eyebrow Cinema stops to talk about one such (and it isn’t Universal’s Monsters either).

Apparently, French filmmaker Jacques Demy made a few interconnected films that were all, in their own way, rather different from each other.  See below to see what they were.

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