June 22, 2024

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The Boys “Nothing Like It In The World”

Season Two, Episode Four.

The Deep spends most of this episode off-screen as he and his new church audition for a wife.  He doesn’t get his personal choice, but that’s fine by me because anything bad that happens to that guy, he frankly deserves.

And that is all I will say about the Deep this week.

Instead, we get an episode where characters turn to other characters for, I dunno, comfort or something.  That means something different for everyone.  Frenchie actually tried to kiss the Female.  She just…backed off.  He then went to an old girlfriend or something to admit he’s mostly really guilty about what happened to Mallory’s grandchildren.

That would bring us to Butcher.  Mallory does give him the location for Becca, and he gets back there, meets with her, and even has some nice conversations.  Granted, she won’t run off with him without Ryan, and that makes things a lot more difficult since Homelander is really attached to his son.  Oh, and Butcher hates supes.  Never forget that last part.

As for Homelander, he seems to be hating Stormfront and her ability to get lots of positive attention for herself.  He takes some comfort in outing Maeve as gay on a talk show, something Maeve didn’t think he even knew about (he did) and going to a remote cabin to meet up with…Madelyne Stillwell?  Isn’t she dead?

Oh, wait, it’s that shapeshifter dude.

Homelander also seems to get somewhere by threatening Starlight.  She, in turn, runs to Hughie, and he, in turn, asks M.M. to bring Annie along on their mission to look up a long absent supe named Liberty.  It’s a nice series of scenes as she bonds with both men separately and with Hughie physically.  And that’s when the shoe drops:  Liberty was a racist superhero from the 70s with electrical powers who once killed a black man just because and then disappeared.

She was also Stormfront.

Which means Stormfront is at least 70 years old.


Annie, by the by, breaks it off with Hughie when they get back to New York.  It’s too dangerous to stay together.  I think even he sees that.  He doesn’t like it, but he gets it.

Well, this is The Boys, so it must get a bit darker in some ways.  How?

Well, two things come to mind.

First, Black Noir knows Butcher saw Becca.

Second, Homelander ended up murdering the shapeshifter dude when the guy tried to please a visibly upset Homelander by assuming…Homelander’s own shape?

If Homelander murdered a man who looked exactly like him, is it suicide?

Homelander has problems…