July 13, 2024

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The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Twelve: Enter The Void”

Korra tries to rescue the airbenders, but surrendering may be her only real option.

You know, I was hoping to see Korra and Zuko have a nice long chat where he gives her his best advice, but apparently that happens between episodes.  And he seems to be gone for the rest of the season.

Boo!  Boo, I say!

And another thing…up to this point, I thought the Red Lotus may have been more idealistic than evil.  Like, yeah, they aren’t going to treat political leaders right, but they would probably keep their word and stuff like that.


Essentially, none of the plans Korra’s allies can come up with could work.  The Air Temple is more or less impenetrable.  The only real solution to save the airbenders is for Korra to surrender herself.  Do that, and Zaheer will release the airbenders.

Sure, the group comes up with a back-up plan:  Bolin, Mako, and Asami will get the airbenders out while Lin, Tonraq, Suyin, and a bunch of metalbenders take out the Red Lotus.

Look, this is the next to the last episode of the season, so that should be enough of a clue it won’t work.  Mako’s group does find Tenzin tied up and beaten inside the temple, but that turns out to be a trap because Tenzin is the only one there.

See what I said about keeping their word?  They set a trap for Korra’s friends.

Wait, why do they want Korra in the first place?  She’s not much of a world leader.  Wouldn’t it be better to try and, I dunno, convert an impressionable teenager to their way of thinking?  Instead, they seem to want to kill her?  And even if that isn’t the case, why try to kill Asami, Mako, and Bolin?  Tenzin as potential leader of the Air Nomads makes sense, but the others?

However, much of the rest of the episode is action-oriented.  Korra, even with her arms and legs shackled, puts up a good fight with help from her father against Zaheer.  Bolin does what he can to hold off Ghazan’s lava attack as Mako and Asami carry Tenzin out, a feat managed only when Bolin figures out how to lavabend.  Lin and Su take on P’Li, a fight that ends with Su wrapping some metal around P’Li’s head just as Lady Boom Boom sends a blast off, blowing her own head off.  Zaheer knocks Tonraq off a cliff and then scoops Korra off and makes a run for it…or more, accurately, he flies away.

Tonraq, for what it is worth, is saved by a young metalbender named Kuvira.  They gave her an introductory scene, so she must be important down the road.

And then Kai rescues Mako and the others with his baby air bison.  Plus, he knows where the other airbenders are.

They better find them fast.  The remaining members of the Red Lotus are poisoning Korra with something.