May 26, 2024

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Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels “Josefina and the Holy Spirit”

Season One, Episode Four.

Yeah, I am still not sure what the overall point of Magda’s scheming is, but if it’s just to make things more violent, then she’s certainly succeeding there.

Somehow, I think it might be worse than that.

Here’s what I know:  the Vega family is splintering, and Michener’s personal investigation is getting some pretty dark results.  Councilman Townsend’s highway plan is being challenged by a more humane one that won’t plow over a whole lot of Chicanos’ homes.  Dr. Craft is getting more into his little affair with a woman who isn’t human, and Tiago is really confused by what’s going on with the woman who goes by the name Sister Molly since she isn’t the pure virgin she presents herself as.

Where is all this going?  I am not sure, but there was one moment I really, really liked, and that was when Tiago and Raul sat down and talked about the Molly issue.  Raul still has his head bandaged, and he may or may not know Tiago is the one who shot him, but that bandage aside, it seemed like a normal conversation between two brothers.

Their brother Mateo?  Yeah, he got a gang tattoo.

Their sister Josefina?  She got raped by a cop.

Mateo’s response to that is to kill the cop, the same mustachioed cop who keeps showing up and making me wonder if the city only has, like, two uniformed cops on standby.  Josefina heads off and joins Sister Molly’s church.

By the by, Tiago’s conversation with Molly about how she was carrying on with the dead man, and how she asks for privacy and understanding and all, yeah, I get why she does that, but I don’t get why he doesn’t respond by pointing out, quite accurately, that she is still technically a suspect, so no, she doesn’t get to keep her affairs with a dead married man a secret.  Sheesh.

But then there’s Michener.  He knows Nazis killed his friends, and he knows they have some kind of rocket program going.  By himself, he can’t do much.  He needs muscle.

He turns to a Jewish mobster, Benny Berman.

And it’s Brad Garrett, so the guy will be tall, something of a potential clown, and menacing when he wants to be.  Berman even gets results when he finds a traitor in his organization that was selling weapons to Nazis.  That guy ended up dead.

Oh, and Townsend is now on film having sex with another man, so that’s potential blackmail for later.

Is this going somewhere?  I don’t know, but it will be violent.