November 29, 2021

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Doctor Who “Battlefield Part 3”

The Seventh Doctor. "Battlefield," Episode Three.

Well, the Doctor may or may not be Merlin, but he does have an old friend coming to help really soon.

You know, if he and Ace live long enough.

Well, Ace will.  On the surface, Professor Warmsly is explaining Arthurian legend to Ancelyn, all about the Lady of the Lake, when Excalibur comes up out of the water, held aloft by…Ace?  Sure, why not?  She’s fine.

As for the Doctor, he’s still dodging the energy snake thingee inside Arthur’s downed spaceship.  He’s saved by…the Brigadier!  And since the old soldier’s been around the Doctor long enough, he of course recognizes the man he’s known for years with a different face.

So, now with two Brigadiers, two teens who love things that go boom, an archaeologist, a knight, and the Doctor, I am sure Mordred and Morgaine don’t stand a chance.  After all, she’s off doing stuff like…giving a blind woman her sight to pay for beer Mordred drank?

OK, she also forcibly took information from the Brigadier’s assistant, killing the woman.  So, she’s not that nice.  She really wants Excalibur.

Now, Brigadier Bambera was escorting a nuke, so she isn’t really equipped to take on strange threats.  But the old school Brigadier, he’s learned lessons.  He’s got armor-piercing and gold-lined ammo to take out robots, Yetis, Cybermen, and  anything else he might need.  The Doctor asks about silver bullets, but the Brigadier doesn’t have those…yet.

Oh, he also brought Bessie.

So, after evacuating the town, UNIT and the Doctor go off to confront Morgaine and Mordred, leaving Ace and her pal behind to guard Excalibur in a chalk circle.  Heck, since the Doctor is believed to be Merlin, he can spook the other side into surrendering.

Oh me oh my, UNIT is winning for once.

But, see, Morgaine had other plans.  Mordred is more of a distraction.  Morgaine went right for Ace with Excalibur and brought along…the Destroyer!

Quick, call Thor!

Oh, wait, this one is a blue demon.  Never mind.  Don’t call Thor.

Wait, you can always use a Thunder God’s help.  Call Thor anyway!

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