September 29, 2022

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The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Eight: The Terror Within”

Zaheer and his allies attempt to kidnap Korra from within Zaofu.

That Zaheer guy and his sidekicks sure have been making everyone look like a bunch of chumps.  And since this is a bit past the halfway point for Book Three, maybe it’s time for these guys to deal with Korra and her friends.

It may not go much better for the good guys then either.

Somehow, Zaheer knew Korra was in Zaofu, but gee, the metalbenders close the domes of their city up at night.  It would be really hard for Zaheer and his people to sneak in there at night.  And during the day, well, there’s metalbenders all over the dang place.  Sounds like a dumb place to try to infiltrate.

Wait, the gang got into the city at night?

That seems…unlikely.

Well, these guys are good.  They manage to sneak up to Korra’s room. hit Naga with some tranquilizer darts, and then Korra with one more and would have managed to sneak out again if Pabu hadn’t woken up Bolin, Bolin hadn’t woken up Mako, and Mako hadn’t woken up everybody else.  Now let’s see what some metalbenders can do!

Um, they can hold the gang off a bit.

See, metal is strong, but Zaheer’s buddy Ghazan is a lavabender, and lava can melt metal.  Plus, P’Li can make things go boom just by looking at them.  Suyin’s people do manage to yank Zaheer away from the others, but with Korra out cold, there isn’t a whole lot she can do.  Sure, the Beifong sisters decide to drop down on the gang, grab Korra, and pull her to safety.  They just need Bolin to smack P’Li in the head with a small rock and knock her powers out.

That does work, by the by.  That’s a bit of a first.  Usually that might even be the end of the episode, but it’s only the halfway point because we still don’t know who let those guys in, especially since the bad guys also disappeared without a trace.  Say, Suyin has a guy who always knows when people are lying.  Maybe Aiwei can find the traitor!

And he does!  And it isn’t Varrick (dang).  It’s some young guard who even has incriminating literature in his house.

Mako doesn’t buy it.  He shouldn’t.  That is what happened to him not that long ago.  Varrick sees it too because he did it before.  And if a young guy who never left Zaofu and would have been five years old when Zaheer went to jail, who could it be…?

Aw man, it’s the truthseeker guy.  Aiwei is with Zaheer!  He almost blows everyone else up when Korra and company confront him, and he escapes too.  Bah!  Oh sure, Naga can probably track him, but Lin figures that’s too dangerous and Korra and Co. should go with her to Republic City.

Wasn’t Korra exiled from there?

Never mind.  Su gave Korra the keys to a jeep so she, Asami, Mako, and Bolin can track that jerk Aiwei down and maybe end this whole thing.  That would be a nice change of pace.  Maybe make the last couple episodes of the season a nice vacation.

Yeah, that won’t happen.  But we got a chase going on with the only people that seem to have handled Zaheer’s coo-coo bunch so far.

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