December 7, 2023

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The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Six: Old Wounds”

Lin and Suyin's problems come to a head when the Chief gets some acupuncture.

I neglected to mention Varrick is staying in Zaofu when I wrote up the previous episode.

That’s mostly because I find Varrick incredibly annoying and would rather not talk about him all that much.

Well, if I ignore Varrick, there are basically two big things going on as Korra (and, eventually, Bolin) learns metalbending from Suyin.  See, that’s nice.

One of those things is Zaheer and his gang escaping from Republic City.  That’s mostly those guys making other people look like chumps and ends with Zaheer meditating and somehow knowing where Korra is.

Yeah, I’d like an explanation for that.

Beyond that, we get something of a resolution to the whole Lin/Suyin thing.  Suyin is ready to move on, a little mad Lin told off Opal (who is probably going to the Northern Air Temple soon), but Lin is stressed out and worried and that means…acupuncture!

Huh.  That actually works.  It causes some flashbacks and we see where things went wrong.  Lin was a cop like Toph.  Su hung out with criminals.  And then Su was a getaway driver that Lin felt she needed to arrest after a robbery.  There was something of a snap of the metal whip Lin used, Lin got her nifty scars, and eventually, Toph had to get involved.

Bottom line was it was too embarrassing for Toph to have Su in jail, so Su was let go.  Lin was furious.  Toph retired a year later.  That means war in the Beifong household.  Rather literarily as Lin goes over and starts chucking metal hunks at Su, with lots of screaming and recriminations (during which it even comes out Toph and Su even made up later), until Lin passes out.  Oh, and Su’s biggest slam was “No wonder Tenzin broke up with you!”

According to Bolin, this is good because sometimes siblings gotta throw down.

And…he’s not wrong.  Lin wakes up 16 hours feeling and acting a lot more serene and forgiving.

So, huh.  I want more Toph now.  Then again, I always want more Toph…