March 3, 2024

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Gotham “Penguin’s Umbrella”

Season One, Episode Seven

Well, that answered a few questions.  Maybe.  Possibly.

Does it?

Up until this point, the Penguin’s plot hasn’t made a whole lot of sense.  Yeah, I got why, after Gordon had faked his murder, he might ignore Gordon’s instructions to never return to Gotham.  After all, Gotham was still his home, and that sort of tenacity would be what maybe got him that far in the first place.

But why did he tell Maroni who he really was?

Why did he suddenly decide to appear in a police station when he did if at all?

If people are after him, why show his face or give his name out at all if he knows full well that can get him killed?

Well, it turns out…there was a reason for all of it, and has to do with just how far in advance the seemingly inept Cobblepot planned out his moves.  This episode here follows up on Penguin’s dramatic entrance in the police station as Gordon plans arrest warrants for the Mayor and Falcone.  Bullock is, at first, furious that his partner didn’t kill Cobblepot, but again, Bullock’s motivation has always been more fear than anything else.  He does what he does because he wants to keep breathing.  And later on, Bullock will show up at Gordon’s apartment to offer his assistance, after which the two are of one mind.

We’ll see if that lasts beyond this episode.

We also see Falcone has one Victor Zsasz as a creepy, hairless assassin/assistant with a penchant for self-mutilation.  He isn’t anywhere near as many scars as he’ll have later if he keeps that up, but he’s there all the same.  Since Zsasz is one of those personality-free Batman foes with a half-assed gimmick, he doesn’t have to be an exact match.

Likewise, we do see Allen and Montoya helping Gordon escape, but wouldn’t it have been cooler if they’d shown up as the Spectre and the Question?  Yeah, the show probably didn’t have the rights to those characters, but still…

As it is, Barbara done got herself captured, and Falcone…decides to let Gordon, Bullock, and Barbara leave alive like the whole thing was a harmless misunderstanding.  That was…not the move of a powerful crime boss.

Until we get the rest.

See, Penguin and Falcone cut a deal before all this happened.  Penguin was always Falcone’s spy, and Gordon was selected as the man Falcone would order to kill Cobblepot expressly because Penguin more or less knew Gordon wouldn’t do it.


And Cobblepot has been reporting on Fish Mooney and Maroni ever since.

That’s…unexpected.  Rather clever, but unexpected.

Oh, this show is still silly as hell.  Fish’s underling Butch may be the friendliest gangster ever, but he still will make an impromptu roadblock with a line of chained nuns.

That’s the sort of show Gotham is.