July 13, 2024

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The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Five: The Metal Clan”

Korra and her friends go to see a new airbender in the Metal Clan's city.

Oh, that Zaheer is a tricky one.

I’m still not sure how he picked up airbending mastery so fast, but he’s a tricky one.

See, Zaheer decided to look for Korra at the Republic City Air Temple, and while he was good enough to fool Ikki and Meelo, Kya realizes some new guy shouldn’t know that much about Air Nomad culture and bending, so it doesn’t work.  Then again, the plan wasn’t really working anyway.

You know, Kya didn’t do too bad against a guy who’s been knocking benders around since the first time we saw him.

However, this whole episode is about someone else as Zaheer does his Zaheer thing in the background.  Instead, we’re here to see about…Lin Beifong?  OK, I did not see that coming.

See, there’s reports of another new airbender, and for once, it looks like it’s going to be someone who is both friendly and willing.  The new one comes from Zaofu, the home of the Metal Clan where there are nothing but metalbenders.

And Chief Beifong absolutely refuses to get off the airship.  She won’t say why.  She likewise says she doesn’t want anyone in the city to know she’s there.


Oh.  Her half-sister Suyin Beifong lives there with a horde of kids, ahd she apparently founded the place.  Apparently, the sisters don’t get along, and most of that is on Lin’s side.  See, shockingly, immature rebel Toph was a bad mother.  Lin became a cop like her mom (earning disapproval) and Suyin became a rebel to fight back (also earning disapproval).  And if you were hoping to meet Toph, yeah, not this time.

It should be worth noting the new airbender is Su’s daughter Opal, and Opal seems to have a thing for Bolin, and Bolin has success when he isn’t trying.  Being himself is something of a surprise apparently.

Now, Su won’t let Opal go back to the Air Temple where Tenzin is training people, so Korra was asked to do some basic training, and that gives Korra an idea to have Opal talk to Lin so Opal can get to know her aunt and maybe heal the divide between sisters.

And…that does not work because man, Toph screwed these two girls up BAD.

Well, that was actually the end of the episode, so maybe that’ll be fixed by the end of the next one.  That Korra’s plan failed was actually a nice and much more realistic plot development.  I am sure it will continue to play out as the world of this show just keeps getting bigger and we find out how badly the original show’s cast messed up their kids.

I’m starting to think Sokka had the right idea by not having any…