January 31, 2023

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Weekend Trek “A Matter Of Honor”

An exchange program puts Riker on a Klingon warship.

So far, even for episodes they’ve liked, Jimmy and Tom have found the Star Trek the Next Generation rewatch to be…not as good as they know the show to be.

Well, maybe they’ll change their mind if they get some Klingons.

“A Matter of Honor”

Riker participates in an officer exchange program, sending him to serve on a Klingon warship!

jimmy:  Now we’re getting into the good ones!

tomk:  You are just a sucker for Klingons.

jimmy:  This is true.  They were pretty cool here though.  Even if their door design leaves something to be desired.

tomk:  You just wanna eat worms and tell dirty jokes at work?

jimmy:  Maybe the latter.  I would definitely fail in the exchange program.  I can’t eat a brussel sprout without gagging…I’m sure not eating…whatever that was.

tomk:  At least it looked like food.

Not just some colored sludge or something.

jimmy:  I think I’d prefer colored sludge to gagh!

You have to spell it with the exclamation mark.

tomk:  Good GAGH! is hard to come by.

jimmy:  So, here’s a question, why not send Worf?  Or if Worf already knows all about the Klingons…which he seemed to…couldn’t they just ask Worf what they needed to know?  Or was it more about showing the Klingons that humans weren’t worthless and some could grow kick ass beards?

tomk:  It was about learning about other cultures. Also, there’s some question how much other Klingons respect Worf as a Starfleet officer.

jimmy:  Yes, that would be interesting to see.

tomk:  And I am sure you recognized the Klingon captain.

jimmy:  Oh yes, of course.  Ummm…

tomk:  His voice maybe.

jimmy:  I didn’t make that connection, but that’s awesome.

…Mr.  Burns?

tomk:  Just for season one.

He was also Moe that year.

jimmy:  WTF?  Really?

tomk:  To be honest, I just thought his voice sounded familiar and looked him up.

And I think they dubbed over his Moe lines.

jimmy:  Love that Starscream voice.  Whenever I see other versions and the voice is different, it’s just not the same.

Which is pretty much the same as Cobra Commander.

tomk:  Star Trek TNG: where the faces of your childhood voices appear.

And I would hope something different isn’t the same.

jimmy:  You know what I mean.

tomk:  Yes, but where’s the fun in total comprehension?

jimmy:  If you had that, you’d follow Starfleet protocols.

tomk:  Maybe they should explain the protocols to the new guy first.

jimmy:  Sounds like they did, just not well enough.  Whoever is running orientation might be out of a job.

tomk:  It was Riker

jimmy:  He was too worried about that Klingon threesome he didn’t know about yet.

tomk:  Also, the food.

jimmy:  He didn’t seem to mind the food.

tomk:  And Wesley’s space racism.

jimmy:  Yeah.  “You guys all look the same to me.”

tomk:  That guy’s reaction said Wesley isn’t even the first person to say that to him.

jimmy:  Lots of space racists about there.  They need someone to make space great again.

tomk:  Maybe stop letting their bearded giants tell other people how to behave around their old and unwanted.

jimmy:  I guess suicide is not honorable to Klingons?  I’m sure there must be something that guys father could do besides sitting home and waiting to die.

tomk:  Not understanding it wasn’t his fault the Romulans kept him alive is another.

jimmy:  I guess getting captured made him a loser in the eyes of the Klingons.

tomk:  Apparently.

jimmy:  The actor that played Riker’s eventual bosom buddy with the daddy issues seemed familiar.

tomk:  Actor Brian Thompson is one of those guys who gets a lot of work without necessarily having one role everyone remembers.  He’s done a lot of different characters on different Treks, played two different villains on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and maybe most memorably, nine different appearances on The X-Files as an alien bounty hunter.

Basically, if you need a big guy, call him.

jimmy:  X-Files!  That’s where I remember him from.

tomk:  He remembers you from the time he stared at you through your window for three days.

jimmy:  I still sleep with the blind closed.

tomk:  Riker sleeps with beautiful Klingon women.

jimmy:  Beautiful?

tomk:  They have their own standards of beauty.

jimmy:  True.

tomk:  Besides, Worf was obviously the one who saved the day there.  He gave Riker about a minute’s worth of advice and a transponder that allowed Riker to know exactly what to do on the Klingon ship.

jimmy:  It’s not Riker’s first assignment on a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Oh wait, it is.

Worf got to save the day and look down on that Ensign.

tomk:  That’s a good day for him.

jimmy:  And he probably beat Picard in a game of “Shoot the colored dot”.

tomk:  Admit it:  you would play that game.

jimmy:  Do I get a real phaser?

tomk:  Sure.  Why not?

jimmy:  Ok, fine.  I’ll play.

It did seem pretty low tech, especially given what the holodeck can do.

tomk:  You mean create rogue AIs that threaten the entire ship?

jimmy:  Hmm… good point. Maybe they better stick to colored dots.

tomk:  Those are much safer than Brian Thompson lurking outside your house for three days.

jimmy:  Or getting hit on by Klingon women.

tomk:  Might be better him than you.

jimmy:  Most definitely.

So one unknown that still remains is how the “virus” got attached to the Bird of Prey to begin with?  Just floating around in space I guess.

tomk:  Same place the Enterprise got it from, presumably.

jimmy:  I assumed the Enterprise picked it up from the Bird of Prey.

tomk:  So, you take Picard’s side and assume it came from the Klingons and not the other way around?  Are you a space racist?

jimmy:  No. I just inferred from the fact that that new Ensign detected it on the Klingon ship long before it was ever noticed on the Enterprise.

tomk:  Hmm.

You have a point there.

jimmy:  I try.

tomk:  I suppose you should get a gold star with a bowl of good GAGH!

jimmy:  Can I just get the star?

tomk:  If that’s all you want. And Ryan was talking about putting you in the Commentator Exchange Program to work with a Klingon Geek group.

jimmy:  Ewww.  I’ll stick to these chats and this brain and kidney pie thank you very much.

tomk:  Are you going to finish your blood pudding?  Just remember you can’t have any blood pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

jimmy:  How long have we be doing these kinds of write ups…and we finally got in a Pink Floyd reference.  :slightly_smiling_face:

tomk:  I would have thought I used that one before.

jimmy:  Maybe.  Pudding is a common occurrence on these shows.  Make sure you don’t get any in your eye.

tomk:  That’s why Geordi is blind.

jimmy:  Ouch.  But funny.

tomk:  On a serious note, the episode plays out as well as it does because Riker is a damn good officer and an adaptable one at that who figures out a plan very quickly while Picard trusts Riker enough to “surrender” the Enterprise.

jimmy:    Remember that when “Picard” “asks” Riker to surrender the Enterprise.

tomk:  The Klingons get to save face that way. The Borg don’t care about honor.

jimmy:  Or much of anything else.

But agreed.  It’s a fine showcase for Riker.

tomk:  And I liked his two scenes with Worf.

jimmy:  Worf had a lot of good scenes.  Those, and his Ensign berating.

tomk:  You do like a well-deserved berating.

jimmy:  Who doesn’t?  Well, besides the berated.

tomk:  Wesley apparently.

jimmy:  He’s special.  And racist.

tomk:  That’s what makes him special.

jimmy:  I know one of the all-time greats is up next, but I felt like this one really started to show that TNG was finding it’s footing.

tomk:  I can agree with that. The show still has problems, in part due to a writer’s strike and in part due to the fact Maurice Hurley was so hard to work with.

But you get glimmers of hope here and there.

jimmy:  Does Mo stick around long term?

tomk:  What?  The breather guy?  I don’t think so,.

jimmy:  Haha, I meant Mo Hurley.

tomk:  Nah, he’s gone when season three starts.

jimmy:  That’s what I thought. And I assume the writers are back then too.

But not breather guy.

tomk:  Yes, the strike was over by then and the show no longer has to do stuff like scrounge for scripts even from fans offering one.

jimmy:  Fans, eh?

tomk:  Well, the show’s been off the air for a while, so they probably don’t want one now.

jimmy:  What about the Trek novel I’ve been working on?  Would they want that?

tomk:  Is that the one where “Joey Improbable” gets it on with some young lady Ensign in a mini-skirt, outsmarts Q at his own game, and is Captain Picard’s best friend?


It is now!

tomk:  Well, I am sure there are absolutely no other Trek works of fiction out there like it.

At any rate, as you revise your manuscript, do you have anything else to say about this one, Jimmy?

jimmy:  We talked about it showcasing Riker, but it was a nice showcase for the Klingons as well.

tomk:  That is true. It’s amazing Klingons live past thirty…

jimmy:  There’s probably not many that do.

tomk:  Well, that’s on them.  Maybe they should try more vegetables and less GAGH! in their diet. 

jimmy:  More or any?

tomk:  Um…

Well, we don’t know what GAGH! is made of.

jimmy:  And we probably don’t want to know.

tomk:  Well, what do you want to know?

jimmy:  The age old question: is Data alive?

tomk:  You want to know the measure of a man?

jimmy:  That’s a hell of a way to put it.

tomk:  I can’t take credit for it.

jimmy:  Let’s find out who can.

tomk:  If you insist.


Next:  “The Measure of a Man”

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