November 27, 2022

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The Legend Of Korra Book Two “Chapter Twelve: Harmonic Convergence”

Korra and her friends attempt to close the South Pole portal before Harmonic Convergence can begin.

You know, I don’t think Bumi gets as much respect as he deserves.

See, we’ve seen a bit of Tenzin’s big brother Bumi, the one who can’t bend but somehow still became a respected military commander in the United Forces.  We’ve seen him tell these crazy stories that his siblings don’t believe for a second and do tend to sound a bit…made up.

So, how did the guy get as far as he did if he was just some crazy liar?

That’s the thing that happens here.  Korra and her team take their borrowed battleship to the South Pole, and apparently, you only need seven people to pilot a battleship.  There’s Korra, Bolin, Mako, Asami, Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi, plus various animals.  They manage to get the unconscious Jinora to her grandmother for Katara to keep alive and then have a plan:  Bolin, Mako, and Assami will use a borrowed plane from Varrick’s ship to attack the base around the Southern portal and create enough of a distraction for Tenzin, Korra, and the others to drop down off their air bison and close the portal.  Keep it closed for a few minutes, and all should be well.

Too bad Unalaq more or less knows they’re coming.  He’s ready for them.  His children and ground forces manage to bring down the plane while a horde of dark spirits take down the air bison.  The only good news out of all this is Korra is reunited with her father Tonraq.  Sure, they’re reunited in a prison tent with the creepy twins to watch over them, but they still got together as Unalaq says out loud he is going to do some world domination, and even Desna and Eska seem a little weirded out by that.

That said, Bumi got knocked off the bison early and evaded capture.  With only Naga, Pabu, and the dark spirit Bumi managed to tame with his flute, can he save the others?

Um…yeah, actually he can.  Sure, it looks like a series of accidents, but he does manage to sneak into the base take out more or less everybody, and even slides into the prison tent, knocking over the twins (Naga finishes the job).  So, his stories are apparently true.

Not that anyone will believe him, and even he knows that.

Poor guy.

So, can Korra still save the day?  She can try!  With Mako and Bolin as back-up, can the brothers keep Unalaq at bay long enough for Korra to close the portal before Vaatu can escape his prison during Harmonic Convergence?

Well, if this season/book didn’t have two more episodes, probably.  But it does, so she doesn’t.

Might be time for another Bumi plan.  At least those things work.

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