November 29, 2023

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Dark “Licht Und Schatten/Light And Shadow”

Season Three, Episode Six

I’d say I think I am starting to understand this show and what it is doing, but this is Dark, and I may be wrong.

Again, it may not be that hard to follow, but it works out the way it does when, as always, there are at least three different actors playing each character.

Jonas was shot last time by a Martha who spent time with Adam or her older self.  It may or may not matter.  But Jonas is likewise also not dead because he’s with Claudia trying to start up the God Particle again.

That said, the real crux for this episode is Martha.  Seeing Jonas die upset her greatly, so she went home, cut her hair, washed her clothes, and told her brother Magnus that yes, the end of the world is in a few hours.

Magnus doesn’t believe her and goes off to hang out with Franziska.

However, Bartosz does believe her, and if they can stop the barrels from opening up…

And that doesn’t happen either.  The Magnus and Franziska from Adam’s timeline, older folks, come to claim her, saying she has to go rescue Jonas from his apocalypse but someone will be along for Bartosz momentarily.  So, that sets up Martha to rescue Jonas at the end of the season two into the start of season three.  She then goes off to meet Adam and learn what the origin of all this mess is, and it’s her unborn child.

As for another Martha, the one who shot Jonas not the one who is probably going to in a couple days time, she found out what Adam wanted:  the end the Unknowns by subjecting Martha to the combined power of both apocalypses before she can give birth.

Why do I suspect that is actually going to cause the births as opposed to stopping them?

Mostly because that’s how this show always goes.  And the Unknown has two versions of himself setting up the dark matter in one timeline and the third in another, so things will go down badly.

As they do when the apocalypse in Martha’s world goes off in Magnus and Franziska’s faces.  Ouch.

So, as Eva and Adam both draw their allies together and set up whatever their plans are, each to either save or end the world, but neither quite succeeding, I am left to wonder who if either of them is actually right here.  And my guess is…neither.

Because that’s how Dark rolls.