November 27, 2022

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The Legend Of Korra Book Two “Chapter Nine: The Guide”

Tenzin finds himself unable to do the thing he's been training his whole life to do.

Well, Korra has only a few weeks to save the world, so that means it’s time to go for help from the big guns.

Too bad Tenzin is lacking in this one crucial way.

See, Tenzin did leave a strict itinerary behind for his planned trip of the various Air Temples, so Korra finds him easily.  When asked what he missed, she fills him in on the plots of the past six or so episodes in a bit of a rush, and his only conclusion is he knew all that was going to happen.  Mostly because it wasn’t exactly a secret that Unalaq was after power.

That said, Unalaq also upholds the proud tradition for this universe where bad guys are also bad parents as we see him berate his two children when Desna and Eska fail to open the North Pole portal.  Sure, he can’t open it either, but the fact that his kids couldn’t wasn’t exactly something he should have taken out on them.

So, anyway, Korra needs to go to the spirit world.  Tenzin has been a good mentor in the past.  She’s sorry if she hurt him.  He accepts that.  Surely he can help her get to the spirit world now so she can close the South Pole portal and end Unalaq’s ambitions before they get any worse, right?


Yeah, see, for all his efforts, even with Bumi and Kya as back-up, Tenzin can’t get into the spirit world.  He never has.  It was what Aang trained him for.  He’s done the homework.  He knows how it’s supposed to go.  He just can’t do it.

His oldest daughter Jinora can talk to spirits without even trying.

So, the little girl will be escorting Korra to the spirit world while Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya guard their bodies in the real world.  Tenzin’s frustration makes for an interesting plot point.  The character has wanted nothing more than to do as his father trained him to do, and in the end, he just can’t.  He doesn’t have the right stuff.

Besides, Unalaq taught Korra a few tricks before she realized what a dick he was, so that’s more than Tenzin knew.

As for Unalaq, oh, he’s working with evil spirt Vaatu, and Vaatu knows Korra lives.

Likewise, Mako has other problems.  He can’t quite convince Bolin or Asami that Varrick is up to no good, and when he doesn’t take a bribe or whatever from Varrick, the police conveniently come along and find explosives in Mako’s apartment.

Varrick framed Mako?  I knew there was a reason not to like that guy besides every little thing about him.  Maybe we can feed him to Vaatu…

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