July 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “Remembrance Of The Daleks Part 4”

The Seventh Doctor. "Remembrance of the Daleks," Final Episode.

I think I get the chess master aspect of this Doctor now.

I saw how the Doctor played the military a bit to keep them out of danger.  Sure, it didn’t quite work since the Imperial Daleks landed right next to the school the army was fortifying, but these Daleks were more interested in wiping out the Renegades, leading Ace to point out its just a bunch of blobs fighting each other over chromosomal differences.

Meanwhile, the fascist trying to romance her points out he doesn’t want to use violence.  He just wants the outsiders out of Britain.  So, yeah, racist much?  No wonder Ace is disgusted by everyone.

But then we find out what the Doctor’s plan was.  See, he wanted the Daleks to get the Hand of Omega.  Why would he want the Daleks to get such an awesome weapon?  Especially when the Dalek Emperor is revealed to be Davros, and the Doctor starts taunting him?

Easy.  He set the Daleks up.  He’s pre-programmed the Hand to first fly off and destroy the Dalek homeworld of Skaro then come back and take out the Dalek mothership with Davros onboard.  Then the Hand went back to the Time Lords on Gallifrey.

Holy crap.  He just had to get Davros to try and fire the Hand at the Earth.  And Davros, being Davros, fell for it.

Then the Doctor takes out the last Renegade Dalek by simply telling it that there weren’t any other Daleks left, causing the thing to disintegrate in confusion.

That’s…rather vicious.  I don’t think messing with this Doctor is all that good an idea.

That said, watching any Doctor tell Davros off for being a pompous jackass was a thing of beauty.

Up next, a serial with a robot full of candy.

C’mon, this is still Doctor Who.