July 13, 2024

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Dark “Leben Und Tod/Life And Death”

Season Three, Episode Five

You know what?  I’ll just say it.  I’m kinda lost right now.

See, there are…well, not too many characters so much as there are too many actors all playing different versions of the same characters.  It’s hard to follow.  Now, I was doing OK for the first two seasons, possibly because I watched them all straight through all at once and then I took a break (not by my choice since I was out of episodes) and came back to find even more characters running around.  Suddenly, we had an alternate dimension with the same people, only different, and other characters appeared, including seeing older versions of Martha, something that hadn’t happened up to that point.

I mean, I have only a vague idea what Adam wants with Charlotte or what Claudia wants with herself from another reality.  Everything is kind of a mess.

Let’s go with what I can figure out:  swift and blinding violence.

For example, we see Katharina in the 80s plotting to get the elderly and remorseful Ulrich out of the asylum.  Katharina’s mother works at the hospital as a nurse.  She has a keycard.  All Katharina has to do is somehow get the keycard from her mother.  That certainly sounds plausible.

And then she screws it up because plans on Dark only exist to make things worse, not better.  Heck, most of the time the characters plan to do stuff to avoid certain fates only to end up causing them (see below).

Point is, Katharina forgets herself and calls her mother “mom” during the struggle, and that really sets the older woman, already seen abusing teenage Katharina in an earlier episode, into a rage that ends with adult Katharina dead on a river bank while teenage Katharina gets beaten by her mother again for being Satanic or something.

See?  Nothing gets better.

Heck, back at the post-Apocalyptic version of Jonas’s world, an intruder shows up to steal from the trailer Elisabeth is hiding in.  He attempts to do bad things when her father Peter returns.  And…Peter is beaten to death.  And then young Elisabeth does the same to the burglar with a fire extinguisher before stumbling off to find teenage Noah in the caves, a path that will eventually take her into becoming her own grandmother if I read the old family trees right on Wikipedia.

I keep that open just to make sure I spell these German names right.

So, yeah, swift and blinding violence.

But then comes the last one, the one I said to see below about above.  Jonas and Alterna-Martha headed off to do…something with the dark matter materials below the power plant when Martha cuts herself and Jonas realizes that Old Martha/Eva lied to them.  The Martha that saved Jonas had that scar.  Clearly, going to the Power Plant causes the disaster, not prevents it.

Um, how does he know stopping now doesn’t cause the disaster?

Point is, they stopped.  Jonas gave Martha his distinctive yellow jacket.  And that world’s Katharina didn’t ask who the strange boy coming downstairs from her daughter’s room was, so clearly this world has other priorities.

Oh, but then we get to more swift and blinding violence as the next step has to happen once Jonas and That-Martha go to see Eva, but instead get Adult-Martha and Slightly-Older Martha, the one who saved Jonas from the apocalypse.

And then Slightly-Older Martha shoots Jonas.

Why?  I don’t know.  She just did.

See?  I am kinda confused.