March 2, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XXXI”

In which we do the Halloween anthology thing again.

Well, here we are with the latest Simpsons Halloween episode.  It was supposed to air two weeks ago, but then baseball happened.  And the cold open was about the election and this review will go live on election day.

That is all I will say about that.

Instead, we get the usual Halloween anthology stuff.  I never know what to say about this stuff.  A Toy Story parody was done mostly in CG animation except for guest star Ben Mankiewicz introducing a movie on the Simpsons’ TV before immediately cutting it off as the Irish bashing started, ending TCM forever.  But the parody was Bart abuses his toys, so the toys took out Bart, making him a toy as well.  I’ll give special points to the animators for including a Funzo in Bart’s toy collection, and nothing ever works out for Milhouse, but that’s about it.  That one seemed to be all about the spectacle and since when was Toy Story a horror movie?

Well, I guess what happened to Sid counted…

The second segment went for an Into the Spider-verse parody as Homer accidentally turns on a dimensional thingee in the Power Plant, bringing in Homer Noir, Hanna-Barbera Homer (who changes species), Disney Princess Homer, Anime Homer, and 8-Bit Video Game Homer.  Lisa tells them, through song as that was the only way Princess Homer would get it, that the doubles have to go back, but Mr. Burns is there with his own doubles from the same worlds, plus all the Smitherses.  It does not go well for the Homers, but Burns sends everyone back when he learns on his world,  Noir Smithers is the one in charge.  Marge is happy:  she gets to keep Noir Homer.

You know, until he turns into Cartoon Animal Homer.

And finally, there’s a parody of, I think, the Netflix series Russian Doll which I haven’t even seen.  Lisa keeps dying violent deaths at her own birthday party, and so does Nelson.  They find a way out after consulting an expert on the space time continuum (Comic Book Guy) and see the way to break the loop is to ensure Gil dies first.  And that works for everyone except for Ralph since his head is stuck on backwards.

Ralph didn’t mind.

Once again, I never know what to say for these anthology episodes.