November 27, 2022

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The Legend Of Korra Book Two “Chapter One: Rebel Spirit”

Korra decides she wants a new mentor as a new adventure begins.

Alright, Book Two: Spirits takes place six months after the end of the previous section.  We learn that Republic City dissolved the council and elected a president.  We heard Bumi retired from the military and is living on Air Temple Island to the extreme frustration of Tenzin.  And we know Korra has gotten better at airbending.

But Avatars do other things, so Korra probably has more training to do.

The new story starts off well.  We get some updates on all the major characters.  Mako is a cop now.  Bolin is still pro-bending, but he’s the only holdover from the old team and they aren’t that good anymore.  Tenzin’s more fun-loving older brother Bumi is hanging around bugging his brother.  Tenzin doesn’t care for that.  Asami is running her father’s company, and she needs to form a partnership with another successful businessman to do so.

That businessman is an eccentric weirdo named Verrick, and I suspect I am not gonna wanna see that guy too often already.

However, the Water Tribe is having an annual festival to the spirits at about the same time spirits seem to be dragging ships underwater.  Korra’s father, Tonraq, is a member of the Southern Water Tribe.  His brother Unalaq is Chief of the Northern Water Tribe.  Unalaq, with his two creepy kids (fraternal twins that run on sarcasm and creep Korra out a bit), thinks the Southern Tribe hasn’t done right by the spirits and they should rededicate themselves to the Old Ways,

New vs Old seems to be a running theme with this series as a whole.

Now, Korra does need to learn to commune with the spirits, and Tenzin’s plan is to take her on a tour of the Air Temples once the festival is over.  Bumi wants to see his brother allegedly relax for once and tags along, and at the South Pole, there’s the boys’ sister Kya, a waterbender from the looks of things, and she’s just as much there to tease Tenzin as Bumi is.  No wonder he wants as little to do with his older siblings.

Poor Katara looks so sad to see her older kids pick on her youngest.

However, a spirit attacks the town that night.  Korra, Bolin, Mako, and Tonraq all try force.  None of those plans work.  Tenzin tries talking.  That doesn’t work.  Then Unalaq shows up with his two creepy twins, and they manage to subdue the spirit somehow.


Korra then decides she wants Unalaq to train her in the ways of the spirit instead of Tenzin while Tenzin, disappointed, is cajoled by his mother to take Kya and Bumi along because, well, Katara knows time with siblings is limited if you live long enough.

But then Unalaq ends the episode by saying he has so much to teach Korra.



Nothing creepy or suspicious about that.

So, already off to a good start here.  We learn Mako isn’t quite the ideal boyfriend, and Bolin learns not to hit on Desna and Eska…after he figures out which one is the female.  And she’s voice by Aubrey Plaza, so there’s some quality sarcasm right there.

Will Korra learn to commune with the spirits in the right way?  Well, probably, but I am not so sure it’ll come from Unalaq.

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