June 19, 2024

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Dark “Der Ursprung/The Origin”

Season Three, Episode Four.

OK, I think I might be a little lost.  There are so many characters running around, and after the gap between when I finished season two and started season three, I don’t necessarily remember them as well as I used to.  This episode, in particular, trotted out a number of characters that I don’t quite recall right away.

But one thing I know for certain:  much of what went wrong in this episode is because it opened with a woman having sex and it ended with her son having sex, and both of these encounters apparently bring pain and suffering.

See, in the broad strokes, I know what’s going on.  I know who, for the most part, the characters from either world’s 2019/2020 storyline are, and I can more or less recall the versions of those characters from the 80s or the 50s if I need to.  It’s just whatever Adam and Eva are separately up to is a wee bit confusing right now.  Besides, writing these out helps me keep events clear.  Like, I don’t remember exactly who Tronte is, but as a boy he’s met his father for the first time and it looks like that nameless guy The Unknown who travels everywhere as a perverse trinity of child/adult/elder.  Considering this guy/these guys seem to mostly kill other people, and later they cause pain for someone else, Tronte got off lucky meeting a man who is probably his father but apparently doesn’t have a name unless the infinity symbol counts as a name.

I would argue it does not.

So, who got some and made others suffer?  Well, the mother here is Hannah.  Apparently, I should call her Homewrecker Hannah because when she isn’t trying to get inbetween Katharina and Ulrich, she’s in the 1950s having a good ol’ time with Egon Tiedemann.  That gets her pregnant, and even though Egon gives her some money for an abortion, she doesn’t go that route and leaves town.

Then the Unknown basically tells Egon’s wife Doris about Hannah and she divorces Egon, setting up his drinking problem.  So, there’s some misery right there.

Over in the alternate world’s alternate future, we have Adult Martha, not quite Eva yet, more or less telling Jonas and Martha how to save one world (they can only save one) and it has to be Martha’s since that’s how this time travel works.  All they gotta do is make sure the barrels under the nuclear plant don’t open up.  Seems simple enough.  Those two go back to 2020 to try and stop that and…end up having sex.

Now, we have a Martha who is a bit older than the Martha Jonas is having his little bit of thoughtless passion with (she’s still his aunt technically, but this show has a character who is her own grandmother, so I try not to think about it too hard), and the slightly-older Martha got a promise from Adam/Old Jonas on revealing what exactly happened to be the origin in the time slip.  And Adam, well, he maybe only just found out himself, so he tells her alright.

She’s pregnant.

The child will be that Unknown guy/guys.

And yes, Jonas is the father.

Did none of these Kahnwalds ever hear of birth control?

Well, will this get any uglier before it somehow resolves?

We’ll just have to wait and see.