March 3, 2024

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Gotham “The Balloonman”

Season One, Episode Three.

OK, be honest with me for a minute here, Gotham:  did you go with a Balloonman because Kite-Man (hell, yeah!) was too ridiculous?

Three episodes in, and I am still trying to figure this show out.  I noticed that Tick creator Ben Edlund is listed as an executive producer, and that actually explains quite a bit…maybe.  I’m mostly wondering how seriously I should be taking Gotham at this point.  We’re looking at a pre-Batman Gotham City.  Supervillains are on their way, and we have at least one very prominent one waddling around already.  In point of fact, it was his return to Gotham that got me to wondering at this point when he sees small children, some masked, openly picking pockets, cops taking bribes, prostitutes making offers, and purse snatchers doing a quick grab’n’go, all in broad daylight, and all Cobblepot can do is smile and sigh, “Home!”

Is this that kind of show?  Is it going for super-campy silliness or something else?

Is it the kind of show where Fish Mooney will just tell Montoya and Allen that Jim Gordon killed Cobblepot, that Gordon will deny it when asked but not believed, and that Montoya will then go ask Barbara about it?

Is it the kind of show where Barbara and Montoya used to be an item?

Is it the kind of show where Selina Kyle can give Gordon proof she saw the Wayne murder but then easily slip out of the handcuffs he put her in?

Is it the kind of show where, after walking around the sewers looking for a lost wallet, Allen will tell Gordon that Gordon smells like garbage in a way that was too on the nose?

Is it the kind of show where David Zayas, an actor I have seen many times playing all manner of Latin American characters, usually cops or crooks, is now playing a different crook but a blatantly Italian one at that in the form of Sal Maroni?

And that the Penguin murders a busboy to get a job in the restaurant Maroni frequents?  And somehow impresses the mob boss?

Is it the kind of show where a guy is murdering corrupt folks like a crooked businessman, abusive cop, and pedophile priest by tying them to weather balloons and letting them float away?

Is it the kind of show where Gordon and Bullock clearly don’t know balloons come down?

Is it the kind of show where Bullock only objects when Balloonman takes down the abusive cop?

Or that the abusive cop will land on top of a little old lady and provide the final clue to the Balloonman’s identity?

Is it the kind of show where Alfred will approve of the Balloonman’s actions for removing evildoers while Bruce thinks killing people, even the baddies, is going a step too far?  Actually, I like that detail, but Bruce and Alfred aren’t in this episode all that much, so never mind on that.

Oh, and is it the kind of show that will end an episode with the Penguin at Jim Gordon’s door?

And where Jim and Barbara’s apartment has a spiral staircase to…somewhere?

Because all that happened in this episode.  And while I am largely fine with stuff being this silly, I would like a clue as to whether or not it is supposed to be this silly.