September 30, 2022

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The Umbrella Academy “743”

Season Two, Episode Nine.

I have long suspected that Ben was the most well-adjusted member of the Umbrella Academy despite being dead…or perhaps because he was dead.

Then again, I’m mostly just glad to see more of the character since he brings an interesting dynamic to the show.

See, here’s the problem:  Vanya is radiating power out of that FBI building, and if her siblings can’t stop her, she’ll cause an explosion, freak out the visiting JFK, and then World War III breaks out.  That’s bad.

Now, if I were to pick a Hargreevs sibling who could maybe get past the power shooting out of her long enough to maybe stop her, I might go with Luther, due to his superhuman strength, or Five, because he can teleport.  Not that either of them is necessarily equipped to handle Vanya for different reasons.  They could maybe actually get through to her to try.

However, Five and Luther aren’t there.  Luther is watching the older-looking (but actually younger) Five and the younger-looking (but actually older) Five plot against each other despite being the same person as they both go off to make sure JFK dies or one Five gets the time machine or something along those lines.  Luther actually is inclined to listen to older-looking Five which younger-looking Five sees as Luther’s need to appease older authority figures.  As it is, about the only thing these two guys can agree on is Luther is a problem so before they go all out trying to murder each other, they take time to kick Luther in the nuts once in a while to keep him out of it.

Luther eventually does stop it, and then he and younger-looking Five convince the other to go through the portal to the pilot episode and start everything all over again.

But that means neither of them is there to stop or help Vanya, and the time machine is wrecked anyway, so what a waste.

Nevertheless, Allison, Klaus, and Diego all try to get to Vanya.  None of them make it very far.  So, that leaves it all up to one last Hargreeves to save the day:  Ben.

See, Ben is a ghost.  Ben can’t die again.  He can walk right up to Vanya, go inside her mind, give her the comfort she needs, calm her down, and help her finally control her powers.  That allows Ben to know peace and move on to whatever comes next while giving his sister a hug, and it allows Vanya to, you know, not cause World War III.  Heck, it even gives Diego time to maybe stop JFK’s assignation.

Diego still fails, but that’s Diego all over.

Meanwhile, Sir Reggie is mad at the Majestic 12 for killing JFK, so he takes off his human mask and kills them, and Lila learns the Handler may have had her biological parents killed but Five did the killing.

That’s Five all over too.

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