November 27, 2021

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The Legend Of Korra Book One “Chapter Nine: Out Of The Past”

Korra'a friends rush to save her as she realizes what an incident from her own past has to do with her current troubles.

Oh cool!  Flashbacks!

But before we get to those, we should try to figure out how Tarrlok got away with kidnapping the Avatar and locking her in a platinum box in the mountains outside Republic City.  I mean, Korra is famous.  People will actually miss her.

Short answer: he lies his ass off and says the Equalists took Korra and that’s where all the damage from the fight came from.

And…people believe that.  Why would the Equalists also not take a leading politician in the city if they swipe the Avatar?  That doesn’t make much sense.  Tenzin buys it.  Lin Beifong buys it.  Everybody buys it.

The difference is, Lin Beifong is actually in a position to do something about it, even if she isn’t the Chief of Police anymore.  She starts by busting Asami, Mako, and Bolin out of prison.  Then she goes to get Tenzin.  They might have asked Naga to track Korra, but Naga is also missing.  But there could be another way…

See, there must be a way the Equalists are getting around unnoticed, and that may indicate tunnels.  Asami can back that up just by reminding everyone her dad had secret labs under their house.  Bolin can remark it sure sounded like the truck he was in was driving through a tunnel.  And Mako knows roughly where Bolin was taken from.  Between that and Beifong’s ability to sense metal through her feet, they sure do find the tunnels and look around, finding a secret Equalist base with its own prison.  Beifong’s now powerless men are down there, but no Avatar.  They never took her.

Time to go see Tarrlok, who uses bloodbending to easily escape, oh, everybody.

What a jerk!

Anyhoo, Korra isn’t going anywhere, so she might as well try Tenzin’s advice and meditate and try to contact a past life to see what she can to maybe shed some light on the subject.  And this time, it works.  Korra channels…a 40 year old Aang.  I know that’s his age because he said so.  He was assisting police chief Toph in arresting Republic City’s slipperiest crimelord, some Clancy Brown-voiced evildoer named Yakone.  At the trial, councilman Sokka speaks rather eloquently, but then just as the council is handing down a guilty verdict…Yakone uses bloodbending on everybody to try and escape.  Aang does manage to subdue him and take his bending away.

So, really, Korra figures out Tarrlok is Yakone’s son, and Tarrlok, because he is a jackass, doesn’t even try to deny it, claiming he’s just taking more power through other channels than his father ever did yadda yadda yadda typical evil speech…and then Amon and the Equalists show up, grab Tarrlok, and take away his bending.  Korra manages to outsmart her way out of the box, but seeing Amon causes her to flee and fortunately, Naga is there because the big polar bear-dog was tracking Korra the whole time.

So, the plot thickens, and apparently, whatever’s happening now is somehow Aang’s fault.  Silly Aang…

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