September 24, 2023

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Dark “Adam Und Eva/Adam And Eva”

Season Three, Episode Three.

OK, I think I see why this whole thing is going to be all messed up.

We have two worlds, similar yet different.  Some things are the same.  Some are different.  To make them clearer for myself, I will refer to them from here on as “Original Recipe” for the world we were following from the first episode and “Extra Crispy” for the world where Jonas was never born that didn’t really pop up until this season.

Jonas only exists in Original Recipe form, and Original Recipe Martha is dead.  Extra Crispy Martha is still alive, and on her world, she’s the time traveler who seems to be behind everything that’s going wrong.  The Unknowns work for Old Martha, called “Eva” to Old Jonas’s Adam.  For this episode, she spends a lot of time trying to recruit Young Jonas for her cause.  She wants to save everybody while Adam doesn’t.  That follows what we’ve seen about Adam so far, but Eva’s plans don’t seem to be working out very well.

In part, that’s because the Martha that saved Jonas in the first place is working for Adam.  And she used a distraction she gave to Stranger Jonas, Bartosz, Magnus, and Franziska (all Original Recipe versions) to escape through time and go see Adam.  Since those four were left behind, is that why older versions of Magnus and Franziska were working for Adam at the turn of the 20th century?

That would fit in with the world of Dark.  The more these people try to prevent tragedies, the more they end up causing them in the first place.

Young Jonas, meanwhile, recruited by Eva, ends up taking Extra Crispy Martha, pre-time travel Martha, to 2052 on Martha’s world where everything is a desert and then Middle Aged Martha appears.

So, to make this as clear as Dark can actually be, Adam recruited young Martha and Eva recruited young Jonas and both are working against each other to either save or destroy if not the world itself then at least Winden.

And that’s not getting into the other weird stuff that’s happening, like Extra-Crispy Hannah using her evil determination to ruin other people to target Charlotte and that world’s Chief Ulrich having a breakdown when they find his brother’s dead body, not a day older than the day he disappeared in the 80s but also still a fresh corpse.  Helge is a suspect again.  There’s always a lot going on, and the more these people do time travel to any location, the worse it always gets because you apparently can’t Back to the Future the world into a better place on Dark.

How German.  I approve.