April 24, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Where Silence Has Lease”

The Enterprise goes into a starless void and can't quite get out.

Season Two may not be off to the best start with Troi’s already-forgotten pregnancy, but maybe the next episode will turn out better.  Jimmy and Tom are still doing this, so they’ll soon find out.

“Where Silence Has Lease”

The Enterprise is stuck in a strange void with no clear way out!

jimmy:  Good thing Wesley went on his break partway through.

tomk:  Whatever do you mean?


jimmy:  Oh, I don’t know.  Whatever could I mean indeed.

tomk:  Well, if you don’t know, I can’t tell you.

jimmy:  But it was so obvious.  And he even had on a…wait for it…red shirt!

tomk:  Oh, you always say that.  What color was his underwear?

jimmy:  Before or after Q-Lite killed him?

tomk:  Well, it might have been brown when that giant face first appeared.

jimmy:  Speaking of the giant face first appearing, why did it single out Pulaski as being “different” (i.e. female) and not Troi?

tomk:  Everyone likes to pretend Troi isn’t there since “The Child”.

jimmy:  I’m already tired of Pulaski’s pick on Data routine.

tomk:  She’s lucky Data hasn’t slapped her one yet.

jimmy:  Though she does seem to invoke more than a few smiles and emotions from the emotionless android.  Maybe it’s all part of a master plan?

tomk:  To what?  Get Crusher back?

jimmy:  To show Data has emotions and is pulling a long con?

tomk:  Hmmm. Interesting theory. You get a gold star for solid deductive reasoning.

jimmy:  I just totally pulled that out of my ass, but I’ll take it!

tomk:  You sure know the true value of a gold star.

jimmy:  I’ve tried to pawn enough of them, I should by now.

tomk:  Maybe exchange them at the Gabbing Geek Gift Shop. Or trade with the Q-Lite entity.

jimmy:  The whole void thing was interesting, but everything else could easily have been Q.  And everything seemed to wrap up rather quickly at the end.

tomk:  Yeah. Picard just had to start a self-destruct.

jimmy:  It was a bluff. Or was it?

tomk:  We’ll never know.

jimmy:  Well, we know Troi and Data don’t call the Captain “Jean Luc”.

tomk:  Yeah, that guy voiced by Earl “Terminator Psychiatrist” Boen sure was dumb.

jimmy:  Is that who that was?

tomk:  Yup.

That guy again.

jimmy:  He gets around.

tomk:  He wasn’t the first choice.

The producers wanted actor Richard Mulligan and even named the Q-Lite character after him since the name was originally “Mulligan” spelled backwards.

jimmy:  A more comedic spin.

tomk:  Yes, well, instead we get Worf showing frustration on how many bridges a ship can have.

jimmy:  There can be only one!!!


jimmy:  So I found a few shots on the bridge grainy again. I also watched a short “getting ready for season 2” featurette and they said how they had experimented with different film stock to give the season a bit of a different feel from the first one. So that might explain it.

tomk:  That or voids make things grainy.

jimmy:  Depends on which bridge you’re on.

tomk:  I was standing on the Brooklyn Bridge.

jimmy:  Spidey will save you.

tomk:  That’s what Star Trek needs:  more Spider-Man.

jimmy:  Doesn’t everything?

tomk:  I could bust out the J. Jonah Jameson clip from The Simpsons again.

jimmy:  Ok ok.

Back to the Q-Lite joke, you have to wonder why he wasn’t used in this case?  His understanding of the universe was beyond…whatever it’s name was? I mean, it didn’t even know about gender or death. Made me think it was a child.

tomk:  Mysterious, godlike beings are old hat on Star Trek.  They can’t all be Q.  Besides, Voidy McVoidvoid was a bit more limited in what he can do than Q.

jimmy:  It was mostly parlor tricks until the fake Troi and Data.

tomk:  Or, you know, conjuring a couple fake ships, one of which could have people beam over and walk around in.

jimmy:  Any God-like being worth a grain of salt could do that.

tomk:  I think it’s more like Q-Bert could control anything inside of itself, and after Picard rather carelessly had Wesley put the ship closer, even ignoring Worf’s Klingon folklore advice, whatever happened inside the Voidvoid the Dog-faced Boy was entirely up to The Being Who Almost Wasn’t There.

jimmy:  Nobody wants to hear about Klingon wives tales.

tomk:  Or participate in Klingon calisthenics against Skeletor and Mer-Man

jimmy:  I’ve mentioned before that I watch the episode promo prior to watching the episode itself. This was the first one I found to be intentionally misleading. The way it is edited, it gives the impression that Riker and Worf are fighting Mer-Man and Skeletor for the fate of the Enterprise in the Void.

tomk:  That’s fair since the cold open plays like that at first.

jimmy:  Why was Picard even concerned about Riker and Worf’s Excellent Holodeck Adventure?

tomk:  Worf might eat Riker?

jimmy:  He just has to tell him to stand down.

tomk:  Picard and Troi apparently don’t know that.

jimmy:  You know, if I have a fear that my head of security might eat my first officer…I might need to revisit my staffing decisions.

tomk:  Or maybe talk to my people more often. Find out how carnivorous they are..

jimmy:  Pulaski will blame Data for it anyway.

tomk:  She’s a droidist.

jimmy:  I get that it’s because it’s a TV show, but her distrust/lack of knowledge about Data sure seems to be going on a long time in “real time”.  I mean, do they have zero interaction in the space (pun intended) between episodes?  I’m sure there’s more than a day or week between some of these adventures.

tomk:  You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

jimmy:  I would!

tomk:  Well…you are probably correct. You didn’t know the entirety of Voyager’s third season happened between these episodes.

jimmy:  Now you are just teasing me.

tomk:  Maybe.

Or maybe they stopped to pick up David Pumpkins.

jimmy:  Any questions?

tomk:  Several apparently.

jimmy:  Such as?

tomk:  Where were Beast-Man and Trapjaw?

jimmy:  Worf had already eaten them.

tomk:  Oh my.

jimmy:  That’s why he was so quick to stand down when Riker told him to.  He was full.

tomk:  You sure do know a lot about Klingon dietary habits.

jimmy:  It was in the bonus materials on the Blu-Ray.

tomk:  Figures.

Well, anything else to add, or do you want to talk more about baby-faced alien voids?

jimmy:  I think we’ve likely already talked too much about it.

tomk:  Ready to move on to an early classic episode?

jimmy:  Classic eh? Early eh?  Maude eh?

tomk:  Yes.  Shall we?

jimmy:  Does Worf keep his more intensive calisthenics private?

tomk:  Well, he doesn’t exercise this time. 

jimmy:  They probably found a better use for the holodeck…

tomk:  Now that you mention it…


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