March 2, 2024

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The Legend Of Korra Book One “Chapter Four: The Voice In The Night”

Korra deals with fears of an Equalist stealing her bending while Mako makes a new friend.

You know, methinks this Amon guy is a lot more dangerous than anyone thinks.

And so is the Republic City council.

Well, one guy on the council is.  His name is Tarrlok, and he represents the Northern Water Tribe.  And he’s…ambitious.  Tenzin doesn’t like the guy.  And after this episode, I am not so sure I do either.

So, let’s review:  Korra got a bad fright when she learned the mysterious Amon can somehow remove a person’s ability to bend.  As the Avatar, someone who, you know, bends everything, that’s spooky.  And somehow, Amon can get on the radio to send threatening-sounding messages to the City’s bender population.

Who gave that man airtime?

Regardless, Korra is a bit spooked of him, and it’s easy to remember that Korra isn’t an adult.  True, she is (physically) older than Aang was in the previous show, but she’s still a juvenile and she’s still in-training since she can’t bend air yet.  That would be about when Tarrlok shows up, claiming he wants to put together a task force to bring Amon down and he wants Korra on it.

Korra says no since she’s still training.  Even Tenzin is surprised by that.

And lots of gifts don’t change her mind.  Bolin can only offer one flower and a cupcake as a thank-you.  Tarrlok sends cars and massive fruit baskets.  And then he invites her to a party in her honor, something she’s wary of, something Tenzin thinks is a trap, and something Chief Beifong will tell Korra to Korra’s face that the Avatar doesn’t deserve that yet.

Is this something all Beifongs do?  Brutal honesty?  Because I can appreciate that.

And of course it’s a trap.  The press is there asking Korra why she isn’t on the task force.  And Korra, being a brawler who doesn’t like to show fear, changes her mind and does join the task force.  It even goes well at first until she gets cocky and challenges Amon to one-on-on alone at midnight on Aang Island.

Wait, Aang got a whole island?

That doesn’t go well for Korra.  Just as she’s about to pack it in and go home, Amon’s people capture her, and Amon shows up, makes like he’s going to strip her of her powers, but then says he won’t because that would make her a martyr and he can’t have that happening.  Instead, he knocks her out and leaves, causing the generally-proud Korra to admit to Tenzin that this masked man scares the crap out of her.

Amon should.  So should Tarrlok for different reasons.

Oh, and in other news, Mako met a rich girl named Asami, and her father was willing to sponsor the Fire Ferrets while she romances Mako.  Since David Faustino voices Mako, I can’t help but think Bud Bundy never had that sort of luck with the ladies…