March 2, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Space Patrol”

Season Two, Episode Six.

Let’s say you’re Niles Caulder.  You need to go into space.  You only have a tiny space craft.  Among the people in your house is a former fighter pilot, Larry.  Larry would probably make a good astronaut.  If not, well, Jane could probably pull out a useful personality if the personalities are being helpful.  Vic is an experienced superhero, and Rita, well, Rita has known the Chief the longest.

Instead, Niles takes Cliff.

Now, to be fair, Jane, Vic, and Rita weren’t options.  Vic was back in Detroit with his new girlfriend, looking to find out why her cybernetics aren’t working.  Rita is at a rehearsal for the community theater show she auditioned for.  Rita likewise isn’t happy to discover the show is about the day she blobbed out downtown.  And Jane is in a coma.

Check that.  Jane is in a coma covered in wax.  Stupid Candlemaker attack…

Bottom line for Jane is she spends the episode arguing with the other personalities about the importance of being with other people even after two alters died.  She seems to lose as the original primary, Miranda, comes back.

Plus, Rita seems to take the revelation that the show is not a flattering portrayal rather well.

Larry, well, the Chief asked him to keep the Pioneers of the Uncharted, a trio of astronauts the Chief sent into space to do stuff, busy.  So, Larry is busy keeping others busy, including a woman with her own negative spirit who still has her own skin.  Apparently, it took her five years to learn that much, and Larry still hasn’t after decades.

So, yeah, Cliff goes into space.  Now, I like Cliff as a character, but he’s got two modes:  loud and obnoxious.  Taking him into space to bring Dorothy back seems like a bad idea.

Oh yeah, Dorothy took the Uncharted’s spaceship and flew to the moon after she sicced the Candlemaker on Jane because, well, she didn’t mean for that to happen.

But then again, if you need someone to be kinda parental and take care of a scarred kid, Cliff probably is the best choice.  Sure, he’s barely an adult himself, but he sees the Chief is a rather bad father, and stuff the Chief says makes total sense to the audience but it sure doesn’t sound right to Cliff.

And yeah, Cliff brings Dorothy back, agrees to take care of the girl if and when the Chief passes away, and all seems forgiven.

Then Niles flushes Cliff out an airlock.

The hell…?