June 20, 2024

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Doctor Who “Time And The Rani Part 3”

The Seventh Doctor. "Time and the Rani," Episode Three.

I’m starting to get the impression the Rani is, on top of everything else, a terrible supervisor.

True, much of what the Rani is doing here doesn’t quite square with what we saw before.  Then she was an amoral scientist who didn’t care who got hurt as she conducted her experiments.  Now she’s an amoral scientist who also seems to like acting like a supervillain.  You know, more like the Master.  Big difference.

Granted, I’m still not sure what she wants to do this time around, but it involves hooking really smart people up to a machine to do something to a superdense asteroid.  The problems she has is she completely abuses all her charges.

The bat-people?  She calls the one that follows her around and kisses her ass a fool and an idiot.

The San Diego Chicken people?  Well, she decided since one of them was causing problems, she’d release venomous insects into their pleasure palace to murder the ones who were obviously not causing problems since they seemed too drunk or stoned or something to do much of anything.

Mel?  Well, she was captured, and the Rani decided she would help run the machines since Mel is supposedly good with computers.  Why does the Rani think Mel will help without some kind of prod?

The Doctor?  After he trades a part he stole back to the Rani for Mel, he finds out the Mel he saw was a hologram and the Rani is still holding Mel prisoner.  That sucks.  Later, after capturing the Doctor again, she hooks him up to the machine that’s going to do…something.

Point is, I don’t think she treats her underlings well, and that’s bound to cause problems later.   Like, maybe, the next episode since it’s the last one for this serial.