December 4, 2021

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Dark “Die Überlebenden/The Survivors”

Season Three, Episode Two.

OK, so, there’s an alternate world where Jonas never existed, but over there, Martha got into the time travel shenanigans and her own world may as well be just as messed up the one with Jonas.

I’m starting to think time travel causes nothing but more problems.

Regardless, on Jonas’s side of the universal rift, there was an apocalypse, and there were a few people who survived, and Young Martha went back there after dropping Jonas off on her side to meet Old Martha.  Maybe we should check in on the survivors.

Alright, here we go.  We have some survivors, but they’re scattered all over time and space.  Mostly time.

Alternate Martha, for example, wakes up in Jonas’s world in…1888.  There, she’s joined by Stranger Jonas, Bartosz, Magnus, and Franziska.  Of course, they mostly think she is their Martha, but she isn’t.  There’s also an old man there who says an even older man built a time machine there, so you can guess where the problems started.  Granted, said old man built one to stop the deaths of his wife and son, but still.

Alternative Martha isn’t that welcome there.

In 2020, Regina is dying, but 80s Claudia is there to help her.  But as soon as Claudia leaves her daughter, Old Man Tronte shows up to put Regina out of her misery.

Likewise, Peter and Elisabeth are looking for survivors, and they may not even be permitted to leave town.  They do find teenage Noah, and he…knows things.

And then, in the 80s, 2019 Katharina is looking for MIkkel, but MIkkel was moved out of town when a lunatic kidnapped him and took the boy off to the caves.  Of course, that was Old Man Ulrich.  Katharina finds out about that by visiting the local high school and asking everyone there if they’d seen Mikkel.  Teenage Ulrich wasn’t helpful.  Teenage Katharina was rude.  Teenage Hannah was helpful, but Katharina doesn’t like Hannah no matter what age Hannah is, and that’s almost funny.  You know, for Dark.

Katharine does go to the mental hospital and finds Elderly Ulrich there.  He’s glad to see her.

So, that’s that.  Those people survived, and…they aren’t really in good places, are they?

Anyway, Old Martha, AKA Eva, has a family tree for Jonas to see because her world is going to have its own apocalypse in about three days.

Time travel doesn’t seem very helpful, does it?

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