April 19, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Finger Patrol”

Season Two, Episode Five.

There’s a fun moment in this episode where Cliff suggests to Vic they form some kind of hero team called “Steele and Stone”.  That leads to Cliff daydreaming where he and Vic are cops in a 70s style TV’s opening credits called, well, Steele and Stone, with the Chief as the Chief.  It’s wonderful and wacky and everything I watch Doom Patrol for.

But beyond that, I have some questions.

See, this is Doom Patrol, so much of what happens is designed solely to make our characters maybe advance to be better people before various set-backs send our favorite screw-ups further down the miserable holes they all live in.  That means Larry, with Rita, will try to reunite with his family again only for his son to turn him in to the Bureau of Normalcy and for his adult grandson to be shot in the crossfire.  They’ll escape, but Larry will no doubt continue to be miserable.  Cliff will have a chance at maybe getting tactile sensation back if Vic’s father is willing to help, but he isn’t because Niles’s tech is…slapdash and crazy at best.    And while Cliff does offer Vic good advice to win Roni back, he also severs a man’s finger while trying to stop a car thief.

Cliff isn’t good at that sort of thing.

But then there’s the Dorothy/Jane plot.  See, Niles wants to try and remap the Underground in Jane’s mind.  The first personality to come out is Baby Doll, a juvenile telekentic.

You know, there’s something kinda creepy about a grown woman playing a small child.

Anyway, the Chief figures Baby Doll would be a good playmate for Dorothy, and it works for a little while, but then Dorothy summons one of her imaginary friends, Manny, and Baby Doll…doesn’t respect it or something.  That leads to a series of events that ends with Baby Doll and the pyrokinetic Flaming Katy to kill Manny.  Now Dorothy got Manny from her mother, and…I have some questions.

If Manny is imaginary, how did Dorothy get it from her mother?

If Manny is imaginary, how can he die?

These are important questions.  Or not.

Besides, I know from the source material that the Candlemaker may not be much of a friend.  The fact Dorothy can wish the Candlemaker into the Underground where he easily kills Baby Doll and Katy (and knocks Hammerhead aside without a problem) makes that point even clearer while still making the scope of Candlemaker’s powers…unknown.

So, now I have another question:  can Dorothy send her imaginary friends (or whatever Candlemaker is) into someone else’s head?  I mean, it navigated the Underground, and I’m not even sure Jane can navigate the Underground.

Of course, there’s a bigger problem here.  Candlemaker himself is…quite scary.