May 19, 2024

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Dark “Deja-Vu”

Season Three, Episode One.

Well, I’m back onto the German time travel show Dark.  It’s been a while since I watched the previous two seasons, so I am sure to get a little lost with the huge cast of characters, most of whom are played by two or three different actors.

Generally, these write-ups help me follow the story, so these may be more…plot recaps than most of these hafl-assed write-ups I do around here.

So, last we saw, the Apocalypse came to Winden.  Jonas had finally reunited with Martha, the girl he has a thing for even though he is aware she’s actually his aunt because her missing kid brother Mikkel really traveled back in time, got stuck a few decades in the past, and eventually became Jonas’s father.  Then Adam, the elderly Jonas, showed up and murdered Martha, only for a second Martha to show up, claiming to have come from an alternate Earth.

Well, that’s something, and that’s not even getting into the three guys who are all clearly the same guy as a child, adult, and old man going around burning places and killing people who know a thing or six about the time travel exploits of, oh, everybody in town.

However, let’s make a few things somewhat clear.  Alterna-Martha does rescue Jonas from the dark matter explosion that at least ends the town if not the world.  She does this by taking him to her world at around the same time Mikkel disappeared, so maybe Jonas can prevent it there.

There are some problems.

See, it’s not the same world, so there are some differences.  Jonas goes home, but that’s where Martha, Magnus, Mikkel, and Katharina live.  Ulrich isn’t there anymore.  He moved in with Hannah and knocked her up.  But because Ulrich is a man-whore, he’s also sleeping around with Charlotte Doppler, and he seems to be the chief of the Winden police here instead of Charlotte.   Magnus is still knocking boots with Franziska, but she’s the deaf sister in this reality while Elisabeth can hear.

Oh, and Jonas doesn’t exist on this Earth because Mikkel never did any time traveling in this reality.

So, what does all this mean?  Well, the two different realities are connected, but in this world, Martha did the time traveling that appears to have screwed everything up instead of Jonas, leading to Jonas encountering a character we hadn’t seen before:  Old Lady Martha.

Well, this is sure to make everything easier to follow…except it won’t.  I’ll probably love every second of it.