December 7, 2023

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Comic Review: Avengers Volume 6

The Avengers go into space to help with a prison riot...and things go horribly wrong as expected.

OK, so, for the most part, I enjoy the work of writer Jason Aaron.  So why isn’t his Avengers working out for me as much as I would like it to?  I wouldn’t say I hate it or anything, but it isn’t as much fun as I have wanted so far.  Granted, one volume was just a handful of issues dealing with a crossover I haven’t read, but the point stands.

Regardless, I did get to the sixth volume, subtitled Starbrand Reborn.

The Avengers go into space, at a request from the Shi’ar Imperium to quell an outer space prison riot.  Iron Man is missing (stuck in the distant past) and the Black Panther is looking into a fossilized Iron Man helmet found deep in a cave.  To compensate, Captain America asks Black Widow to join them, and he does give an explanation for why he would choose her to go into space and not, say, one of the more cosmically-powered allies, but it seems good enough for now.  As it is, that still means Cap has Ghost Rider, Blade (with Boy-Thing), Captain Marvel, Thor, and the She-Hulk.

And then comes the time skip.

Why is there a time skip?  I don’t know.  The biggest problem with this storyarc is there’s a time jump and then we see the Avengers scattered.  Ghost Rider is driving the Hell-Charger back with Blade, Boy-Thing, and the Widow in the backseat, trying to keep ahead of the Silver Surfer.  Carol has gone full Binary-mode, Cap got a change of clothes, and Thor somehow got infected with a Brood egg.  And since the Avengers’ ship got trashed, Carol had to go borrow one from the Starjammers.

I would really like to know how Thor got implanted with a Brood egg.  Half-Brood Thor can only hold Mjolinir when he remembers he’s Thor.  Otherwise, he isn’t worthy.

That whole thing just felt like there was something missing that was probably awesome.  Maybe Aaron didn’t want to make the story any longer than it was.  Maybe he wanted to focus more on Robbie and Nat fighting off the Silver Surfer while two other former Heralds of Galactus and Gladiator come to take out the source of all the problems, a human that got the Starbrand somehow.  Much of this volume seems to be about the Starbrand.  Indeed, the first issue in the reprint is an origin for the Starbrand of the Avengers in 1,000,000 B.C. where Iron Man is currently hanging out.

So, unlike the Brood-Thor stuff that Aaron more or less glossed over, it does seem as if Aaron is here still setting something up.  There’s still good stuff in here, but it sure does seem as if much of what is happening might not have Aaron’s narrative attention.

7.5 out of 10 Starbranded T-Rzes.